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There are several benefits to using a virtual assistant. These benefits include significantly reducing your labor costs, being able to get help 24/7, the ability to outsource tasks to a seasoned professional, access to a wide set of skills that you and/or your teammates might not possess, the option of getting help with a project the second you need it, and more.

It’s no secret that hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to affordably delegate tasks that could end up sucking up all your time, but you may be wondering where you should go to hire a virtual assistant. Here is a review of the top virtual assistant companies available to you. You can pick a virtual assistant company from this list that best suits your needs.



Worldwide101 is one of the top virtual assistant companies. They focus on producing virtual assistants that are skilled, reliable, and of the highest quality. This means when you hire from Worldwide101, you can expect top-notch service.

Some of the top benefits of Worldwide101 include:

  • They only hire seasoned marketing, administrative, and project management professionals.
  • The ability to meet your virtual assistant (VA) before you hire them.
  • The train a back-up, so you have round-the-clock access to your virtual assistant.
  • You get a client dashboard to keep track of your VA’s time.
  • You can integrate your VA into your team by assigning them a company email address.
  • They offer services in multiple languages.
  • They provide onboarding services to make sure the transition is smooth.
  • The services are scalable.
  • They also offer help from designers and web developers.

Pricing for a virtual assistant from Worldwide101 varies depending on the hourly plan you choose. You can see all pricing here.



BELAY is another one of the top virtual assistant companies. When you hire a virtual assistant from BELAY, you can expect top-tier professionals that will integrate with your team easily.

Here are some of BELAY’s top benefits:

  • BELAY touts that their acceptance rate is lower than Harvard’s acceptance rate, which means you are getting the best service from qualified virtual assistants.
  • BELAY will scour through their personal assistants and review your needs, requirements, and desires to match you up with the perfect fit.
  • They work with you to ensure your success.
  • Every client is assigned a relationship manager in addition to a VA to act as a go-to for everything related to your VA and his or her performance.
  • They are diversified in their services offering help with: travel arrangements, marketing support, calendar management, project research, social media, data presentations, mission critical recurring tasks, first impressions and voicemail, C-level support, and more.
  • They currently have over 800 clients including Inc. 500, Entire Leadership Podcast, and more.
  • They also offer help with virtual bookkeeping, content writing, and web maintenance.

BELAY’s pricing varies and it’s best to contact them for a direct quote.



UAssist.Me is a thriving virtual assistant company with mentions in 30Under30, CNN, empact 100, and more. They offer help from highly skilled assistants that specialize in administrative and clerical work for several industries.

The top benefits of UAssist.Me include:

  • Help from virtual assistants that specialize in specific industries including: design, consultancy, technology, real estate, web development, advertising, personal assistance, and more.
  • You pick a plan that best suits your needs and they are transparent about pricing and services offered.
  • Your personal assistant has a fully-equipped work station.
  • You can select the amount of hours your virtual assistant is available and only pay for what you use.
  • You can select a plan that offers a back-up assistant.
  • You get unlimited US calls.
  • Confidentiality is strictly managed.
  • They also offer help with social media and web design.

One of the top benefits of UAssist.Me is they offer 100% transparency with their pricing. Their plans range from 20 hours per month for $299/month to a full-time assistant for $1499/month. With UAssist.Me, what you see is what you get in terms of services and prices. In the event you go over your dedicated hours, one of their customer service representatives will contact you and let you know about options to upgrade your plan. While this may seem expensive upon first glance, it’s much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to come into your office each day.

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a cool company if you are looking for a virtual assistant that extends beyond offering professional services. For example, you can count on your virtual assistant to also help with things like online shopping and other personal tasks that you just don’t have time for each day. They are also quite comprehensive when it comes to offering professional services.

Here are some of the top benefits of 24/7 Virtual Assistant:

  • They offer administrative support including sorting and filing, photocopying and collating, record keeping, running errands, word processing, scheduling, and more.
  • They provide help with customer service when you need them to including live support.
  • If you need a bookkeeper, you can expect your assistant to help you with Quickbooks, Quicken, Freshbooks, and other top bookkeeping services.
  • They provide help with data mining.
  • Virtual assistants are trained to take on the basics of email marketing including list development.
  • If you need someone to help with HR tasks, 24/7 Virtual Assistant has got you covered.
  • They also provide help with web development and web research as needed.

24/7 Virtual Assistant is also transparent about their pricing. They offer several plans and you can select one of the following plans based on your needs:

  • $15/hour – pay hourly
  • $299 Entrepreneur Plan – 30 hours/month
  • $499 Professional Plan – 60 hours/month
  • $799 Executive Plan – 120 hours/month
  • $999 VIP Plan – 160 hours/month

As you can see, the bigger the plan you pay for, the more you save on the hourly rate. If you plan on using a full-time virtual assistant, the $999 VIP Plan could help you save big.

Premier Veba

Premier Veba

Premier Veba works to provide comprehensive help with business services. These services are divided up into three expert teams: Executive, Creative, and Technical.

Here are some of the top benefits of Premier Veba:

  • The Executive Team specializes in business services that are vital to the success of your business including help with finances, management, and office associates.
  • The Creative Team makes sure the creative side of your business is up to par by providing services from designers, artists, illustrators, writers, editors, audio technicians, and more.
  • The Technical Team is made up of professionals that focus on operating systems, big data, analytics, and more.
  • You get a free consultation before you sign up for their services.
  • They have a robust giving back program designed to help charities and nonprofit organizations succeed as well as businesses.
  • They recognize that every business is unique and cater to your individual needs.
  • They make sure all sensitive information is secure.

For pricing, contact Premier Veba directly.

Time Etc

Time Etc

Time Etc has been around for 10 years, and they proudly boast they have already completed over 1 million tasks so far. This goes a long way in saying something about high quality and in-demand work. To their credibility, they are also featured in Forbes, Telegraph, The Guardian, and more.

The top benefits of Time Etc include:

  • They focus on helping entrepreneurs.
  • You pay when they are working and only when they are working.
  • You have access to hundreds of US workers.
  • Each employee goes through a rigorous selection process to verify skill.
  • There is a money back guarantee on every project.
  • You can automate all of your tasks with triggers.
  • You get free and unlimited phone calls and screen sharing with your team.
  • You can build a team of experts from the Time Etc community.
  • You get a dedicated account manager.
  • Used by companies like Google, Skype, Marriott, Nissan, and more.
  • It’s a UK and US based company.
  • They offer a free trial before you commit.

To learn about pricing contact Time Etc directly or sign up for their free trial.

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee

Virtual Employee is another excellent option if you are looking for a virtual assistant company. Their main selling point is how easy they make finding the right employee as well as making it reliable and cheap.

Here are some of the top benefits of Virtual Employee:

  • You can get instant access to highly qualified virtual assistants.
  • If you need to scale down, you can easily do so by offering just 5/15/30 days notice.
  • With Virtual Employee, you don’t have to worry about labor laws, taxes, insurance, worker’s comp, or any other liability issues.
  • You don’t have to manage your employees. Rather you hire someone to run with a task from inception to completion.
  • You can save up to 72% on costs in any domain.
  • They offer help with IT outsourcing, mobile apps development, sales, internet marketing, content writing, graphics and web design, engineering and architecture, data entry, and multimedia and animation.
  • All staffing is handled by one convenient solution.
  • The process is easy and includes briefing the company on your needs, selecting the best resumes, choosing your team, and getting the ball rolling.
  • The process is 100% risk-free as they include a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • They offer a free trial.
  • Security measures are robust.

The pricing for virtual assistant services range from $995-$1995/month. It’s best to contact Virtual Employee directly for more details.



MyTasker understands how busy entrepreneurs and business owners can get, and that’s why the focus on providing you with excellent virtual assistant services. MyTasker works with companies across the globe and focuses on helping you more easily and affordably grow your business.

The top benefits of MyTasker include:

  • They provide a wide range of virtual assistant services including varying plans and pricing.
  • Their basic virtual assistant services include telemarketing, web research, transcription services, content writing, classified postings, and more.
  • The associates at MyTasker will stay in touch with you once a project begins and report on important milestones.
  • They also focus on web design services to meet your web development needs.
  • Online marketing is another priority for businesses, and so they offer expert SEO services.
  • You can also outsource your digital marketing to MyTasker.

The pricing for MyTasker varies depends on how many hours and how many months you commit to use the services. Here are more details of their pricing.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Now let’s say you already have remote employees in mind that you want to work with, but they aren’t part of one of these top virtual assistant companies. Many businesses want to hire the remote workers they already like to work with, but still need a way to monitor their time and pay them in a reliable way. This is where a software like Time Doctor comes in handy.

Time Doctor works to help companies that have virtual helpers in several different locations be able to easily collaborate with each other.

Here are some of the top benefits of Time Doctor:

  • You can improve productivity with this top-of-the-line time management tool.
  • Time Doctor gives you insights into exactly how your virtual employees are spending their time.
  • You can easily monitor time spent in different meetings.
  • Not only can you track time, but you can pull reports, detailed time sheets, and more.
  • If you are interested in how much time your employees are spending on different web applications, Time Doctor will tell you.
  • Time Doctor includes a payroll module to streamline your payment processes.
  • They offer 32+ integrations to make collaboration and ongoing work easier.

To learn about pricing for Time Doctor, get a demo today.


There are several virtual assistant companies that will help you with administrative, marketing, and technical needs. You can either select a virtual assistant company that will provide you with a highly trained individual, or if you already have remote workers you like working with, but need some software to streamline your processes, you can opt for a virtual assistant software like Time Doctor.

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