The Best Timesheet Apps of 2020

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If you manage a large team of remote and/or in-house workers, you have a lot on your plate. You are in charge of assigning projects, tracking progress, approving time cards, sending invoices, tracking billables, and more.

If you feel overwhelmed, that’s normal. However, with the help of a timesheet app for employees, you can automate mundane processes, alleviate much of the pressure, and get back to doing what you love at work.

With a click of a button and a quick glance, a timesheet app for multiple employees will give you insights into any and all of the following questions:

  • How long did a project take?
  • How many hours are specific employees working on certain projects?
  • Which employees are working today?
  • Are there any employees that are using time poorly?
  • Which websites and apps are employees using most often?
  • How much should you bill your clients on a certain project?
  • In which ways can our company improve efficiencies?
  • And more!

It’s clear with the help of a timesheet app, you can more effectively manage multiple employees. But, which timesheet application is the best for your organization?

In this post, we’ll look at the best timesheet apps including their key features and benefits, limitations, and pricing. We’ll also look at four diverse options to give you a wide range of products to choose from. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to select the timesheet app that best suits the needs of your organization.


1. Time Doctor

Timesheet software programs are more than just a way to keep track of employee attendance and diligence. The best timesheet app will also help you identify surefire ways to increase productivity and profitability at your organization.

Time Doctor is the top productivity app. Time Doctor is fully automated with an emphasis on visual reporting. Instead of sorting through raw numbers, you can turn progress and attendance reports into stunning visualizations that are easy to consume.

To work the software, employees need to click a button on the timesheet application to start a timer. This timer tracks task in real-time. This tool, along with several other features, make it so employees don’t have to fill in timesheets manually.

The tool helps employees gain an average of 31 productive hours per month, per employee, as reported by Time Doctor.

Top Features


Time Tracking

Time Doctor tracks the time worked by everyone on your team. Employees start a timer to track in real-time and then the software gives you a breakdown by client, project, and task. See time spent working and time wasted, identify inefficiencies, and find the projects and tasks that occupy your team’s time.

Web & App Usage

Looking to see which programs and apps your employees are using? Look no further than Time Doctor for the inside scoop. You’ll be able to see if an employee is spending time on client work, or if they are watching too many cat videos on YouTube. All the info is there to help you understand how employees are spending time.

Privacy Controls

The tool can take screenshots of employees’ screens, but employees must give their consent. This means they will know they are being tracked, agree to the terms, and you won’t have to worry about privacy issues. The best part? Employees can delete screenshots at their discretion, if they were accidentally running Time Doctor during their personal time.

Invoicing & Billing

Invoicing and billing are a huge part of managing a remote team and clients. Time Doctor helps you make payments to employees and freelancers on time. Integrations include PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise and several other methods in all currencies.

Distraction Management

distraction management

Want to make sure your employees are staying on task, but don’t want to be the one to remind them? Enter Time Doctor. If employees spend too much time on distracting websites, Time Doctor will generate a pop-up reminding them to get back to it.

You may also not know which sites are considered distracting, so Time Doctor will send you a report at the end of the week with the main culprits.

Robust Reporting

One of the most impressive features of Time Doctor is its advanced reporting tools. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advanced reports from Time Doctor:

  • Timesheet Report. This report shows the total amount of time worked for users during a period. You can see timesheets of all employees at any time.
  • Timeline Daily Report. Need to see who worked on what on a particular day, when those tasks were started and stopped, and how long people spent on each project? This report will give you the insights you need.
  • Projects Report. This report helps you review how much time employees spent on a particular project. This is a good way to determine how much time each clients are taking.
  • Attendance Report. This shows you who was there and who wasn’t. Simple as that.
  • Time Use Report. This report shows the total time worked by the user for a particular duration of time as well as a breakdown of time spent on each project.
  • Poor Time Use Report. Need to know when visit websites that may not be relevant to work? You can choose which websites are considered poor use of time.

Click here to sign up Time Doctor and get the perfect timesheet app to manage your remote team. 



time doctor integrations

What good is a timesheet app if it doesn’t integrate with project management tools? Time Doctor integrates with popular project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, Google Apps, and many more.


Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS


Time Doctor starts at $7 per month per user and offers discounts. Sign up for a free 14 day trial today.


2. ClickTime


ClickTime is a timesheet app that focuses on driving better performance at work. They make time tracking easy, so you can reduce costs, stay on budget, and get visibility into project progress.

ClickTime shines in the area of ease of use. Employees can track time on their phones or laptops and managers can use the same tools to approve employee hours and look into reports. The user interface is simple to use, making time tracking a delight for everyone involved.

ClickTime also focuses on using time to drive better business results and answer important business questions. By drilling down into the reports, you can see whether or not a project is over budget, if you need to hire more employees, which hours are billable, and more. These kind of insights help increase efficiencies in the workplace.


Key Features


Intuitive TimeSheets

There is virtually no learning curve with the ClickTime timesheet app. As soon as you login to the platform, it’s easy to understand how it operates, how to tracktime, how to generate a report, how to edit hours, and more.

Project Insights

ClickTime also helps with managing project budgets. You can gain insights into project and employee performance, and optimize your business. Project Insights is an end-to-end budgeting platform designed exclusively for businesses that track time.

80+ Reports

clicktime reports

ClickTime also has a wide-range of reports. These reports go above and beyond time tracking, so if you’re just looking for a timesheet app, then ClickTime may offer more than you need.

Reports include Project Budgeting, Timesheet Management, Employee Resource Management, Expense Reports, Employee Utilization & Billable Hours, Overtime Reporting, and more.

In summary, ClickTime is a great tool. If you’re looking to understand the overall productivity of your company, then this is a good option.



Clicktime is available for web, desktop and mobile. Platforms include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Blackberry and Android.


Plans start at $9. All plans have a free 30-day-trial period.


3. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is another solid option if you’re looking for a timesheet app for employees. The Hubstaff software includes employee time tracking software with screenshots, reporting, and automated payments.

Hubstaff also offers more robust task management and geofencing tools than some other competitors. Let’s look into Hubstaff key features of Hubstaff.


Key Features


Time tracking

You can track time wherever and whenever your team works with Hubstaff. Also, it’s easy to generate accurate timesheets, to create invoices for clients and to pay your team.

Online Timesheets and Offline Time Tracking

You don’t ever have to worry about setting a timesheet reminder. It’s easy to record employee hours and view reports. Hubstaff also allows you to track offline. Once you get back online, the app will sync properly.

Productivity Monitoring

hubstaff screenshots

Do you need to see work unfold in real time? With optional screenshot as well as app and URL tracking, you can monitor productivity. If you don’t like the feature, then you can opt to turn it off.

GPS Tracking

Employees can track time while they are on the road and at work sites with mobile-based time tracking. Your team can clock in and out from anywhere.

Payroll & Invoicing

Hubstaff helps you set up pay rates once for each member of your team or project, so payments are automatically sent based on hours worked during that pay period. Invoicing is also automated for your convenience.

Team scheduling and Task Management

The online scheduling app provides you with a simple employee attendance tracker and staff scheduler. This helps you see who’s working when at any time. You can also drill down into projects by tracking time against specific tasks.



Windows, Chrome, Mac, Android, and iOS.


The basic version costs $4/user/month annually, while the premium version is available for $8/month annually. You can switch between plans during the 14-day free trial to discover advanced features.

If you want to learn more, check out our comprehensive Hubstaff review.


4. Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Look into Zoho Projects if you are a highly project-oriented team, specifically a team of developers. Zoho Projects helps you track milestones, task lists, and tasks help you organize complex projects into easily manageable units.

Zoho Projects has smart time tracking features, but it’s also a great tool if you need to comprehensively manage projects.


Key Features


Time Tracking

Zoho Projects has several tools that help you stay on schedule, coordinate work, and account for every hour of work. These tools include timesheets to help you log billable and non-billable hours, either manually or with an automatic timer. You can also dig into and view detailed time report. Not only do they offer timesheets, but you can generate invoices, estimate hours it will take to complete projects based on past data, and look at tasks via a calendar view.

Task Management

Do you need a better view into tasks? If so, Zoho is a good option. You can break up a big project into easily manageable parts and assign work as needed. You can also set up start and end dates. If you want to automate a regular tasks, you can do this by using Blueprints. Finally, you can review progress with the app.

Social Project Management

zoho social project management

Another fun feature of Zoho Projects is the social element. Not only can you track milestones, tasks, and events, but you can also engage with them via chat and other social methods. If projects need a lot of feedback in a centralized location, this social element is helpful.

Charts and Reports

Zoho can help you with anything from taking a broad view of the project to drilling down to a specific case. You can quickly view dashboards, charts, and reports as needed to give you the insights into making better management decisions.

Issue tracking and workflow

When you work for a large organization, it’s possible to run into issues. You can use Zoho to organize any issues. You can organize them by severity or due date so you can fix any problems. You can also customize many features and set up notifications and automate processes with this feature.

Zoho Projects has a timesheet app built into the larger project management tool. If you are in need of not only tracking time, but collaborating on projects and managing tasks from a broader view, then take a look at Zoho.



Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.


The free plan only supports 5 users and 2 projects. Premium plans range from $20 – $125.

You can also check out our in-depth look at Zoho Projects.


Wrap Up

There are hundreds of time tracking methods and several options on the market for timesheet apps. What you end up selecting will depend on your needs, your budget, your company size, the amount of remote workers you have, and what you need the software to do.

Time Doctor, ClickTime, HubStaff, and Zoho Projects represent a wide and diverse range of what you can get from a timesheet app. After reviewing these apps, you’ll have a better idea of what type of timesheet app you need and what fits in with your budget and company goals.

If a simple timesheet template is all that you need, we have you covered too. Check out our free timesheet templates available in different formats.

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