Time Doctor Versus Replicon

Time Doctor is a time tracking software with multiple features to ensure that the time tracked is accurate. The focus of Time Doctor is on improving the productivity of individuals and organizations.

Replicon, on the other hand, offers variety of products to track and manage time and attendance. Here are some of the different products that Replicon offers for time and attendance:


TimeBill on Replicon

TimeBill focuses on capturing billable time and project costs to ensure fast and accurate client billing and on-time project delivery.


TimeCost on Replicon

TimeCost offers an easy way to track the time and cost data for projects for better cost visibility and improved on-time completion.


TimeAttend on Replicon

TimeAttend makes it easy to collect attendance and time off data for faster, more accurate payroll processing, helping to ensure compliance with labor laws.


TimeOff on Replicon

TimeOff automates time off tracking and enforcement, making it easy to keep the company staff compliant with internal policies.


CloudClock is a time clock that simplifies employee time collection over traditional time clocks while improving accuracy and reducing time theft.

In this article, we will compare the Replicon TimeAttend product and compare its features with Time Doctor. The most important difference is that Time Doctor is designed for employees working from home or remotely whereas Replicon is more focused on employees working in an office.

Here is a comparison table with the features of each product:

Features Time Doctor TimeAttend
Time tracking Yes Yes
Track time spent away from computer Yes. It automatically logs time as on or off the computer No
Record time spent on an application, document, file or email Yes No
Timesheet approvals Yes. Time that is tracked off the computer can be approved or disapproved. Yes. General timesheet approval, not for specific time worked on and off the computer.
Payroll Features No Yes
Attendance tracking Yes Yes
Automate pay calculation No Yes
Overtime management No Yes
Absence management Yes Yes
Avoid Distractions Yes. It sends a nudge to user for spending excessive time on personal web browsing or Youtube etc during work time. No
Monitor websites visited Yes No
Optional screenshots recording Yes No
Generate reports Yes. Weekly as well as daily reports outlining time spent on tasks, total time worked, time spent on chat, email, websites visited and applications used. Yes. Real time reporting that can be customized with filters and groupings.
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