Time Doctor vs Chrometa: Full Comparison Guide

Time Doctor and Chrometa are both tools that are used for time tracking. Let’s take a look at both of these tools and compare their features and benefits.

Chrometa away time
Chrometa’s Away Time
Chrometa captures time entries by recording how much time is spent working in an application or a website. Its mobile applications for Android and iPhone capture time details, including the time lost and away time, and also turn phone calls into billable time entries automatically:

Chrometa mobile time

Time Doctor focuses on improving the productivity of individuals and organizations. It offers features to ensure that the time tracked is accurate. It is based on a task list and selecting the task that you are working on at any point in time. Time spent away from the computer is automatically noted as “Away from computer” time.

Recording activities or tasks versus tracking websites and applications

Chrometa tries to track time worked automatically by capturing time spent on specific applications or websites and then allocating these to a client or project.

Chrometa time tracking

The idea is that you can automatically allocate time based on the application that you are using on the computer. The downside of this type of tracking is that it does not capture all time worked. For example there are times when the computer is in a transitional state and you are not viewing a specific application or website or there are times when you are away from the computer and in a meeting. These times cannot be captured automatically.

Time Doctor works in an entirely different way by keeping a list of your tasks and time is tracked by selecting which task you are working on.

Time Doctor time tracking software
Time Doctor Task main user interface
Time Doctor also records applications and websites visited, but this is more of a secondary feature rather than the primary method of recording time worked. The following table shows a comparison of the features for both these tools.

Features Time Doctor Chrometa
Real time tracking Yes Yes
Track time for projects/clients Yes Yes. If an automatic project match for the time entry is not found, the time entry is added to Unbilled Time Section.
Record time for a specific task/activity Yes Yes
List of tasks Yes No
Track time spent away from computer. Yes. It prompts to log time on return. Yes. It allows to enter the task worked on.
Record time spent on an applications, documents, file or emails. Yes Yes
Avoid Distractions Yes. It sends a nudge to user for spending excessive time on personal web browsing or Youtube etc during work time. No
Monitor websites visited Yes Yes
Generate time usage reports Yes. Weekly as well as daily reports outlining time spent on tasks, total time worked, time spent on chat, email, websites visited and applications used. No
Create client invoices and export time to billing applications No Yes
Integration with Jira and Basecamp Yes No
Optional screenshots recording Yes No
Attendance tracking Yes No
Available for Windows Yes Yes
Available for Mac Yes Yes


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  • Avatar Julie says:

    Hi I just want to increase/improve my personal working productivity – solo business owner – will time doctor allow me to do this easily and simply? Hopefully it is easy to set up?
    I like the first comment about talking of intention/focus rather than time – because where our intention is active is what creates the outcomes and results in our life. Cheers Julie

  • Avatar Sérgio Viegas says:

    Hi Rob,

    If you change the focus of the product, from Time to Attention, it´ll be very interesting. See below my research about the subject. May I help with this?


  • I am a solo with a legal assistant. We are on a small server. Do I need my IT guy to install it? Can I generate legal assistant time reports from my computer?
    Do the reports come out in bill form? Can the reports be copied and pasted to a manual bill or do I need a billing software as well? Can the time usage and website reports be manipulated by staff? What happens if more than one page and /or client matter is open at the same time. Can you only have one application open at a time to track time?
    If I cancel my subscription will all of my confidential client information be left on my computer- in other words do you have access to my computer and information at any time as a result of the use of your software?
    Thank you for your prompt response! CT

    • Rob Rawson Rob Rawson says:

      Hi Christine,

      We do not have billing within the app but it’s something we’re plannign to add.
      yes you can generate reports from your computer. You can copy and paste to create a bill if you wish.

      Only the active application or website is tracked.

      I don’t understand your question about canceling but basically if you delete your account it will remove all data, you can copy the data to your computer first if you prefer.

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