The Power of Customer Retention (Infographic)

The Power of Customer Retention Infographic by Kapow Events

Which is better, retaining current customers or acquiring new ones?

While this has been been discussed countless of times in the internet already, only a few cared enough to provide us the math like Kapow Events did with this cool infographic about customer retention. If you think you need to learn some more in client entertainment, then you have to check this out:

customer retention infographic

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  • Avatar WonderPush says:

    What an interesting post you have shared here. Great examples and very useful information and tips.

  • Avatar Marketing Action Solutions says:

    Thanks you for sharing this graphic. It has some informative stats regarding customer retention.

  • Avatar Repeat Customer says:

    Thank you for posting this article. Your infographic is spot on! Would love to feature it on our website.

    • Avatar Carlo says:

      Hi! Glad you liked it. We will contact you via email regarding this one. We can connect you to the one who made the infographic.

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