The Simple Trick to Increase Sales Using Your Welcome Email

welcome email

Most of us simply ignore it. The welcome email.

It’s the email you send to your readers as soon as they sign up for your list or your giveaway.
But most of the time, it’s a wasted contact.

Usually, the welcome email says something like:

Thanks for signing up. Here’s the free report you asked for. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

It’s boring, and essentially useless. And so the welcome email is often the single most ignored part of your marketing effort.

Think about it. As marketers and business owners we spend hours writing guest posts. We spend thousands of dollars on our ads. And let’s not talk about all the time we spend making sure our landing pages are absolutely perfect.

We spend all of our time and money trying to get someone on our list, and when they finally opt in, we usually send some boring email along with a link to their giveaway.

A Wasted Opportunity

You see, email is a two way communication medium. It’s meant to have conversations. How many email conversations do you currently have throughout the course of the day?

Why wouldn’t you want to have conversations with the folks on your email list? You know, the people most likely to buy your products and services?

In most instances, the welcome email is the first opportunity to meet your prospects. And it’s their first opportunity to meet you.

Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Engagement

I know that everyone says that email open rates are declining.

Email is dead! Social media is king!

I hear it every single day.

But here are some interesting statistics. According to a statement made by Facebook back in 2012, brands are reaching just 16% of their fans on average. And some companies have since reported that number has dropped into the single digits.

Meanwhile, the average tweet has a lifespan of just 2 hours. So if your followers don’t see it two hours after you’ve posted, chances are, they’ll never see it.

Now, let’s compare that with the typical engagement of my welcome email. As you can see, from the image below, when a person first signs up for my list, 71% of the people who sign up open that email!

email report

These readers are very engaged. And this is a great time to start a conversation with them.

How to Start a Conversation

Here’s the exact script I use to entice people on my list to reply to me, and it’s a script you can pretty much copy word for word.

Hit reply to this email and tell me one thing you’re struggling with right now regarding your (insert topic here – i.e. content marketing)

In the past, folks have told me they can’t (list three challenges that your subscribers typically face when with regards to your topic.

Whatever it is, I want to hear about it.

And I always respond to every email… no matter how large or small your challenge is right now.

Even if you’re not struggling, hit reply and say ‘Hey!’ I love meeting new subscribers.

Using this script, I’m able to get about 35% of the people on my list to email me. And guess what: The people who email me are twice as likely to hire me and buy my products.

Not too shabby for a simple email question. Add that to your solid email marketing strategy and you would get the most results.


Some people will say that this doesn’t scale.

And I totally understand that. For sales, you have tools like SalesHandy which you can use to send mass emails and follow-ups. Also, you always prefer to answer those emails because of the higher sales opportunity. But subscriber is the very first stage of customer lifecycle and that if you get too many emails, you’ll spend all of your time answering those and won’t have time to do other work. But believe me, I take it really seriously.

Yes, I do spend about 25 minutes per day answering emails because of my welcome email. But for me, it’s worth it in revenue and profit.

Sometimes, in order to grow your business, you have to do things that don’t scale.

So, if you do nothing else today, give this strategy a shot. Copy and paste this script into your welcome email, and watch your sales grow!

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