Paul Blais’ Doubt the Doubts Podcast featuring Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson, Doubt the Doubts Podcast

A few weeks back, startup founder Rob Rawson was interviewed by Paul Blais (@pdblais) on the set of Doubt the Doubts, one of the top podcast in iTunes which focuses on the theme “Killing The Doubts That Kill The Dreams“.

During the podcast Rob and Paul talked about how achievement driven people must balance out their drive with enjoying the journey, with Paul musing about how happiness is tethered to the idea of finding daily joy in what people do. Rob talked about the struggles he went through and the successes he found.

Click to play the podcast:

Here’s what Paul has to say on Doubt the Doubts Podcast:

When the voice of doubt silences the call of dreams, it’s time to doubt the doubts. Rockstar entrepreneurs tell their amazing stories of success 7 days a week! Hearing from someone that has already gone down the road will help to you to say, ‘I can do it’.

Catch Paul Blais on Doubt the Doubts Podcast

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