12 of The Best Outsourcing Companies in India

outsourcing companies in india

Did you know 59% of companies that outsource do so as a means to cut organizational costs?

Cutting costs is the number one reason companies outsource, but there are several other reasons companies outsource to India.

Here are several other top reasons companies use outsourcing companies in India to strengthen their business:

  • 57% of businesses outsource to enable focus on their core business,
  • 47% of businesses outsource to solve capacity issues, and
  • 31% outsource to enhance service quality.

Outsourcing to India, and other countries, is not only a smart way to save money. It’s also a great way to find a talented remote worker to complete projects correctly that you need to get done.

There are several companies you can hire to outsource work to. Each of these companies specializes in different types of work. However, as you’ll notice, there is a lot of overlap in services provided.

The following go-to guide will present a list of top outsourcing companies in India you can contact to hire for different types of businesses, and will also present a comprehensive list of all service a particular company offers for your convenience.


Call center outsourcing companies

Let’s face it. To grow your business, you probably need help from hands-on customer service representatives.

Yes, you can set up shop at home. But, you can also hire a team of talented call center representatives by outsourcing services to India—a team that already has the resources to get started.

Here are the top call center outsourcing companies in India.




Invensis is an efficient call center service that works within all industries and for all businesses. They tout that smart and successful organizations around the world have realized that call center outsourcing is a more cost-effective option.

They also focus on customer service and retention, as an added bonus.

This firm has more than 16 years of experience as a leading Call Center Outsourcing company. With this call center outsourcing service, you can streamline the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process to achieve a high rate of business growth and profitability.


  • Inbound center
  • Outbound center
  • Order management services
  • Sales and customer acquisition
  • Customer care
  • Call center support
  • Email support
  • Live chat support
  • Tech support
  • Debt collection




Outsource2India is another top choice for businesses looking to outsource their call centers. They say that call center outsourcing or contact center management solutions at their form can transform your business processes and save up to 50% costs.

With this option, you can give your business a competitive edge and increase your organization’s efficiency by outsourcing call center tasks.


  • Inbound services
  • Outbound center
  • Telemarketing
  • Technical support
  • Business process as a service
  • CCTV monitoring services
  • Email support
  • Chat support


Josoft Technologies

josoft technologies

Josoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been the pioneer for more than a decade in outsourcing Software Development, Digital Marketing services and BPO services.

Their profound experience in the BPO sector guarantees world-class Inbound Call Center, Outbound Call Center, Data Entry and Form Filling services to all clients.

They aim to provide a variety of services that complement a client’s brand vision.

Here are some of the projects they have accomplished:

  • Inbound Call Center Project: Have worked on various Inbound Call Center projects such as Aircel Inbound Call Center Project, Airtel Inbound Call Center Project, Australia Inbound Customer Support Services, and Kotak Mahindra Inbound Bank Project.
  • Outbound Call Center Project: For Outbound work, they partnered with Idea Outbound and UK survey Outbound to deliver world-class services.
  • Data Entry Project: They have managed several Data Entry projects such as Image to Doc typing Project, Banking Form Filling Project, BSNL online form filling Project, Reliance Form Filling Project, Airtel and Aircel Caf Form Filling and Health Insurance Form Filling Project.
  • Other Project: Some of their other prominent projects include Captcha Entry Projects, Email Id Creation Project, Video Uploading and Medical Transcription Project.

As an industry leader in the BPO industry, Josoft Technologies is committed to supporting Clients at all spheres of business operations. We follow the highest standards of data quality, protection and services.


Customer support outsourcing companies

Some companies have a direct need for call center support. Others have a stronger need for a more customer service oriented firm. Many firms offer both call center support and customer support.

Here are some of the top outsourcing companies in India to consider for customer support. What you end up selecting will depend on your budget and company needs, but these are excellent options.




Customer support representatives at Plaxonic claim to propel their client’s company further by offering outstanding customer care service around the clock.

They work to offer high responsiveness rates all while being extremely approachable. They focus on making sure your company answers customers in their time of need and that you can guarantee this service to your customers when you hire their outsourcing firm.

Plaxonic also focuses on maintaining consistency when it comes to offering high quality services. They want you to know you can trust them to do the job you hired them to do.


  • Customer care
  • IT staffing & support
  • Inbound/outbound
  • Chat/email support
  • Branding
  • App development
  • Website development
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Virtual assistant services




CallCentersIndia is focused on providing customer care services that help you take your customer service to the next level. Not only do they help you take care of your customers, but they work on developing solutions that are customized to fulfill unique customer requirements.

They recognize how difficult customer acquisition is and do everything in their power to help you with customer retention. That’s why the offer round-the-clock customer support services when you outsource your customer care tasks to this company.

They know relationships are key and they help keep your customer relationships healthy. As an added bonus, it’s a fraction of the cost to outsource to india as it is to run your own customer support center at home.


  • Call center services
  • Customer care support
  • Toll-free response
  • Inquiry handling
  • Consumer response
  • Dealer locators
  • Seminar registration
  • Direct TV response
  • Print media response
  • Sales lead qualification
  • Back office services
  • Product technical information
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Web enabled services
  • Website response
  • Order processing
  • Catalog orders
  • Technical support
  • Help desk support
  • Direct mail response
  • Email management
  • Web based chat support
  • Live chat support
  • Order taking and tracking




Octopus Tech Solutions is one of India’s fastest emerging BPO companies. Having started their BPO operations in 2017, this company already has grown to cater clients across a wide range of sectors.

They have corporate headquarters in Gurgaon and have regional offices in Chandigarh and Amritsar.

They provide lead generation services, customer support outsourcing, telemarketing, chat support and more.

Some of their clients include E-Commerce players like Amazon.in and Club Factory. They also have several international clients from countries like Australia and Canada.

They excel in providing multi-channel support services to cater to customers’ requirements across all possible channels including voice, chat and email.

These are the services they offer:

  • Customer Support Outsourcing
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Outbound Call Center Services
  • Chat Support Services
  • Email Support Services


Financial services outsourcing companies

When you think of outsourcing companies in India, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a call center followed by a customer support center. The reason is probably because we have all individually had a customer service or call center interaction with a call center in India.

However, call centers and customer support centers aren’t the only places where talent lies in India. India also has a high percentage of firms that offer financial services.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the top financial services outsourcing companies in India.


Outsource Services India

outsource services india

Outsource Services India provides a unique message to clients. They believe clients should be able to spend more time with their families than they do on bookkeeping, so they come in with their expertise to help save businesses time.

They offer smooth, dependable, and affordable services from experienced bookkeepers—bookkeepers that will update your books in real-time.

They are well-versed in offering bookkeeping services that fall in line with the following software: QuickBooks, MYOB, IRIS, Peachtree, Sage Line 50, Quicken, LaCerte, and any other bookkeeping software given by client.

Their bookkeeping services are appropriate for SMBs or non-profit organizations, new companies, and even individuals that need personal help with bookkeeping.

When you hire Outsource Services India, you can count on the following services:

  • Small business accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Bank reconciliation services
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Business and personal accounts
  • Bank reconciliation and credit card reconciliation
  • Custom reports
  • And more!

Like most outsourcing companies in India, this service provides additional services. Services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • IT services
  • BPO services
  • Digital marketing
  • Engineering services
  • KPO services


Flatworld Solutions

flatworld solutions

Flatworld Solutions is another popular choice for SMBs to look to when it comes to hiring a firm for up-to-date bookkeeping.

If you don’t have expertise in bookkeeping, it can be expensive to bring someone in-house. However, if you hire professionals from India, you can rest assured you are getting help from someone whose core competency is booking, and that it is significantly less expensive.

Often, with this firm, you can get access to professional bookkeeping services at just 40%-50% of the cost.

Top benefits at Flatworld Solutions include: being able to boost your bottom line without having to hire a huge staff, saving up to 50% on bookkeeping services, being able to focus on what you love, having a dedicated bookkeeper at your fingertips, being able to access your bookkeeping in real-time online, and more.

Flatworld Solutions offers help with bookkeeping and is well-versed in all top bookkeeping software including:

  • QuickBooks
  • Quicken
  • Peachtree
  • Net Suite
  • ProSeries
  • Lacerte
  • MYOB
  • And more

As with other outsourcing companies in India, Flatworld Solutions offers comprehensive services.


  • Finance & accounting
  • Call center services
  • Research & analysis
  • Software development
  • Photo editing
  • Healthcare BPO
  • Transcription services
  • Creative design
  • Engineering services
  • Data entry
  • Data science
  • Mortgage services


Data Entry Outsourcing Companies

Data Entry is one of those tasks that have to be done.

However, it’s also a mundane task that shouldn’t take up the time of your top employees. This is especially true if you are paying big bucks to talented leaders.

A better approach is to hire a data entry outsourcing company in India to help you with the task.




One of the benefits of using Magento as your shopping cart platform is Acelerar can also offer you end-to-end support with data entry services. It’s like getting two for the price of one.

Not to mention, the offer excellent rates. The professional data entry expert you work with have experience working with Magento.

They can offer you the following services, according to their website:

  • Enter simple, configurable, and grouped products into your Magento back-end system.
  • Create category names, descriptions, and images to help improve navigation
  • Upload products in bulk and image batch
  • Assign relevant tags to your products
  • Create SEO friendly product page URLs for the SERPs
  • Update your inventory by monitoring your product availability status
  • Add product attributes (e.g. weight, dimensions, color, etc.)
  • Craft product descriptions and titles
  • Enhance and edit images

One cool thing about this platform is they offer a free trial, so you can try their services before committing.

Acelerar also offers additional services, but are more specialized than firms listed above.


  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • eCommerce
  • List building
  • Design services
  • Product image editing


Data Entry Outsourced (DEO)

data entry outsourced

Data Entry Outsourced is another option you can use. They specialize specifically in data entry, but offer a wide range of data entry services. Since they specialize, you can count on the fact that they know what they are doing. Additionally, you are bound to find someone that possesses the exact expertise you need, and you’ll save money in the process.

Here are some of the top data entry services offered by DEO:

  • Invoice data entry
  • CRM data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Ebook data entry
  • Document management
  • Directory services
  • Document data entry
  • Real estate appraisal data entry
  • GeoTagging services
  • Database development and data migration
  • SKU data entry
  • Claims data entry
  • ERP data entry
  • Quickbooks data entry
  • Survey data entry

By hiring a data entry outsourcing firm in India, you’ll save a lot of time and money.


Software Development Outsourcing Companies

One of the most popular things to outsource to India is software development.

It’s easy to find a company full of software developers that will do an excellent job. Not to mention, as with the services listed above, you’ll be able to save money by looking into software development outsourcing companies.

When it comes to hiring a software outsourcing company in India, it’s not a bad idea to go with a company that specializes in software.

Again, you have several options to choose from. However, here are the choices you shouldn’t overlook in your research.




ValueCoders is an Indian software development company. They focus on one thing which is to bring their A-game for offshore software development services.

This company has been in business for over 13 years and employees over 450 developers that know their stuff.

ValueCoders has worked with digital agencies and enterprises, startups, and software product development companies. They work hard to simplify their IT outsourcing and also to provide services at a better cost and to speed up the process of getting software on the market.

Their developers are experienced with developing all technologies including blockchain, mobile, ecommerce & CMS, web & fullstack, and more. Not to mention they are well-versed in the languages you require to develop your technology.

ValueCoders is an excellent place to start if you’re looking to find a software outsourcing company in India.


Clarion Technologies

clarion technologies

Clarion Technologies is a leading IT Outsourcing company with 3 state-of-the-art development centers in India.

Their unique engagement model helps clients leverage the best of outsourcing world – high-quality resources, world-class technical supervision, and infrastructure.

Clarion has been an innovation partner for several small and medium enterprises and pioneering start-ups across the world.

Their differentiated IT outsourcing model, agility, technical prowess, and flawless execution enables them to deliver immaculate projects across industry verticals such as IT, E-commerce, FinTech, E-learning, Digital Media, Healthcare, and Travel & Hospitality.

With a strength of 400+ technically affluent engineers, Clarion has served more than 1000 clients across North America and Europe. Clarion Technologies focuses on Web & Mobile development, Cloud Strategy & Development, Internet of Things, Analytics & BI, Applications Testing, and Agile Project Management.


Wrap Up

There you have it… your comprehensive guide to outsourcing companies in India.

Whether you need help with a call center, customer support, software, finances, data entry or more, you can use any of the above companies. You can rest assured you’ll get good service and the service will cost less than if you hired people in-house.

Also, check out our Complete Guide to Outsourcing.

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