44 Top Project Management Tools to Drive Your Business

by Carlo Borja
project management tools

When you want to keep your team on top of projects and deadlines, the most important thing you need is an efficient project management tool.

These online tools can keep your workflow organized, ensure tasks are completed on time and the workload is appropriately distributed for optimal time management.

However, finding the perfect project management tool is easier said than done. How do you choose the right tool for your team from the hundreds that are available in the market?

To make the job easy for you, we studied dozens of software and compiled a list of  top project management tools.

Apart from a general list of project management software, we have also specified which tools would be best suited for service-based businesses, content and creative teams and engineering teams.

We have divided the tools into these categories:


Project Management Tools for All Teams

The tools in this section can be used by all types of teams – engineering, marketing, support, finance, HR, sales and so on. All of these tools are quite versatile and can be adopted for several functions and industries.


For Designers and Creative Teams

Designers, creative teams and agencies often have specific needs. While a general purpose project management tool will get the job done, the tools in this section have additional features and UI that are especially helpful for this particular group of professionals.


For Writers, Bloggers and Content Teams

Content teams have very specialized needs when it comes to project management. Many of these requirements are simply not found in other project management tools. Here are tools that fit their requirements perfectly.


Tools for Software Engineers

Project management in software development uses certain methodologies that other types of teams would normally not use. That’s why engineers are often comfortable using a specific set of tools.


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All Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

ClickUp happens to be one of the most powerful and versatile project management tools which can be used by engineering, marketing, design and any other type of team.

It has all the usual features anyone needs in a good project management software such as list and kanban views, subtasks, priorities, recurring tasks, granular due dates, reporting, chrome extension, mobile app, drag and drop functionality, time tracking and multiple integrations.

Additionally, it has quite a few advanced as well as proprietary features that you won’t find in the best known tools.

One of the most useful ClickUp features is the ability to visualize the same task dashboard in a board view, list view or calendar view with just a single click. This allows you to visualize your tasks from a different perspective and different team members can choose whichever view they prefer.

ClickUp allows you to have conversations tied to each task. It even allows you to convert a comment into a task and assign it so that to-dos don’t slip through the cracks.

You can also assign a single task to more than one person and set task dependencies for tasks where one person can begin only when another has wrapped up.

It has excellent reporting features that allow you to see the status of projects, specific tasks and how individual team members are performing.

ClickUp keeps releasing a new feature nearly every week and you can check them out here.

Free Version: Available
Free Trial: No
Pricing: $5/user per month for more than 100MB of file uploads and a few advanced reports


All Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Although it’s much more than a project management tool, Cyfe can be used to help you keep track of all your team’s tasks, project milestones and sprints via dashboards that visualize your task lists, calendars, Gantt charts, goal setting, progress tracking, reports, discussion threads and more.

As an all-in-one, versatile online business dashboard that can be made to show "at a glance" whatever users want across several parts of your company like sales, marketing, finance and support, Cyfe offers more than 50 customizable widgets.

So it’s easy to aggregate information and metrics from tools like Basecamp, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Google Adwords, Zendesk, Eventbrite, LinkedIn and whatever else is relevant for your projects. You can also create your own custom widgets, and there’s a Zapier integration too.

Cyfe allows you to see data and action items scattered across all these tools and platforms in one single place. Being able to see it all in one central location is extremely convenient, and it also helps to add context and clarity to every task that your team does.

You don’t have to open up a new browser tab or application while working on your everyday tasks. You can directly jump from your task list to the dashboard that needs your attention, making you far more productive.

Cyfe even has a TV mode that allows you to display a custom dashboard on a large screen in your office - an excellent tool to keep your team motivated and in sync with targets.

If you're not in the office, with the big screen in front of you, you can get mobile push notifications and SMS alerts whenever your metrics surpass the thresholds of your choosing.

Free Version: Available
Free Trial: No
Price: $19/month per user (Cyfe premium) for access to all features including unlimited dashboards and widgets.

Time Doctor

All Teams Free trial Paid

Time Doctor

Key Features & Benefits:

One of the most important things in any team is to be able to manage time efficiently.

To make sure that your targets will be met on time, you need to ensure that your team members are working on the right tasks and using their time productively. This is even more vital in a remote team where managers can’t keep supervising their employees without being intrusive.

That’s where a time tracking tool such as Time Doctor comes in.

Time Doctor is a desktop-based application that can be used to track the amount of time employees are spending on specific tasks and projects.

In addition to using Time Doctor as a standalone tool, you can also integrate it with several other project management tools such as Asana, Todoist, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, etc. That will allow you to track the amount of time spent on specific tasks within these tools.

time doctor integrations

Time Doctor has several reports such as timesheets, time-use reports, time spent on each project/task, etc. which can be customized for different parameters such as date ranges, a particular employee/ group of employees and so on.

This tool has several additional features that are useful for managing productivity, monitoring employees as well as keeping track of billable hours in businesses such as digital marketing agencies, design firms and so on.

Free Version: Not available
Free Trial: Available for 14 days without a credit card.
Pricing: Time Doctor starts at $7/ user per month. Volume discounts are also available.

Zoho Projects

All Teams Freemium Paid

zoho projects

Key Features & Benefits:

Zoho Projects is a simple project management tool suited for solopreneurs as well as large and small teams.

Use this tool to plan your projects using task lists, subtasks and recurring tasks. Tasks can be created and assigned to individual users with details and due dates.

Map out project milestones with Gantt charts, coordinate with your team using feeds, view detailed reports on progress, manage and allocate resources (to dedicate hours more efficiently) and track employee work time with in-built time timesheets.

Collaborate effectively with your team members by using shared calendars, wiki pages for sharing resources, discussion forums and chat rooms.

Zoho Projects integrates with many other tools including Slack, GitHub, Zapier, and Dropbox. Integrations with Zoho Invoice and Zoho CRM make it easier for you to plan and execute your tasks across multiple platforms.

However, Zoho has a moderately steep learning curve compared to other tools.

Free Version: Available - for up to 2 projects and 5 users.
Free Trial: No.
Price: Tiered monthly pricing with unlimited projects and 25 users for Express ($40), Premium ($85), and Enterprise ($120) plans.


All Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Slack is one of the most commonly used internal communication tools. If you are currently using email, Skype, Google chat, Whatsapp or anything similar, you should certainly move to Slack.

The defining feature in Slack is that it allows you to have different channels for different topics/ projects.

Channels are intended for group discussions and you can invite specific team members to a particular channel. In addition, team members can also have one-to-one conversations with each other.

Slack can be integrated with multiple project management tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, ClickUp and so on.

For instance, the ClickUp integration allows you to create tasks in Slack. You can assign tasks and change task statuses from directly inside Slack.

Additionally, Slack can be integrated with dozens of tools such as Dropbox, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Zendesk, Skype, etc.

Slack has a ‘limited’ free version which is good enough for 90% of teams.

The paid versions have advanced features like unlimited message history, far more storage space, guest access with external partners, better search features, compliance features for enterprise accounts and more.

Free Version: Yes, with limited features.
Free Trial: For premium plans available on request.
Pricing: The Standard plan costs $6.67/user per month (paid annually) and $8 (paid monthly). The Plus plan costs $12.50/user per month (paid annually) and $15 (paid monthly).


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is one of the best project management tools for enterprise teams like marketing and IT that require extensive collaboration.

It can help teams conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings, and disconnected tools.

You can use Workfront to tap the right talent for each task, to automate tedious processes, and to streamline workflow.

The tool provides full project visibility, along with reporting features for project managers, stakeholders, and executives.

The application also enables you to execute work using effective methodologies like Waterfall and Agile, and a combination of the two.

Its project automation feature enables you to eliminate time-intensive project planning.

You can use its AI-enabled resource management feature to distribute work to teams, groups, or individuals based on priority, availability, and skill requirements.

Another good feature is the proofing tool that tracks comments, changes, and version updates in the same place, so your team can turn feedback into action items and deliver quality work on time.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: Only demo.
Pricing: Price available on request. Depends on user size.


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

When you are looking to replace your conventional email communication while integrating multiple project management features under one roof, ProofHub is your go-to tool.

Its top features include assigned user roles, online team discussions and chats,
task delegation and assignments, reporting and tracking project history, and secure file storage.

You can use ProofHub to create projects, assign tasks, collaborate, meet deadlines, generate insights, and more.

The tool has a wide range of integrations, and supports white labeling, languages, and the ever-popular “Me-view.”

It has apps for both Android and iOS devices.

However, there is limited customization support for Gantt charts and notifications.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: Starts at $45/month (40 projects and unlimited number of users) for the Essential package.


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is a good tool for small to enterprise-scale organizations that need to manage multiple projects and are seeking higher productivity.

ActiveCollab brings all your work in one place. Each project has task lists and everything else that goes with tasks - files and discussions to time records and expenses.

Some of its top features include email/inbox integrations, Kaban cards, project cost estimates, and themes.

When it comes to collaboration, ActiveCollab is especially great with functions like collaborative text editing and @mentions for communication.

You can use the tool to manage tasks easily, juggle between projects, tag shared calendar, collaborate on writing/note-taking, tracking time, and managing financial transactions such as invoices and payments.

Free Version: Not Available
Free Trial: 30 days
Pricing: Basic plan starts at $25/month for a five-member team


All Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Asana is one of the most commonly-used tools that makes it simple for teams to plan, manage and execute projects and tasks.

It combines elements of project management, file storage, and collaboration and helps to manage projects across a team without having to resort to lengthy emails.

It has an easy-to-use layout. Moreover, there are several different views (like tasks and calendar) that allow people to look at their to-do lists in different visual ways.

You can break down tasks into subtasks that convert complex projects into simple tasks that can be assigned to team members in seconds.

Some of its top features include organizing tasks into projects for roadmaps and timelines, checking on your team’s progress, notifications about projects updates, dashboards to get a quick overview.

It is relatively less expensive compared to other project management tools, especially if your team size does not exceed 15 members.

However, with large teams, the calendar mode may be too overwhelming given the number of to-dos. Moreover, some parts of Asana may also feel counterintuitive at first.

Free Version: Basic version available for up to 15 users.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: $9.99/user per month after 15 users.


All Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Teams love Podio because it is a flexible and highly customizable online hub for work communication.

With this tool, it is easy to set up task management and workspaces and communicate with your internal team. Moreover, you can integrate custom add-ons, like a CRM widget.

Using the workflows feature, you can add if-this-then-that logic to the Podio apps. For instance, you can instruct your app to create a comment when a particular update is made to an item.

You can use Podio to assign tasks, attach files and discuss details within the solution, share encrypted and large files, track project budget, automate sales pipelines and your workflows.

While its features are optimized for your team to share information, it does not have the most aesthetically pleasing interface and is not a very intuitive tool.

Free Version: Available for up to 5 users.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Basic plan for $9/user per month; Premium plan from $24 month/user for full suite of features.


All Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Trello is one of the oldest project management tools. It uses a Kanban-approach which is usually the preferred way for project teams to visualize their entire workflow.

Its dashboard is great for managing short and quick everyday assignments. It comes with loads of pre-made templates and integrates with tons of other apps.

Trello’s design is meant to be fully customizable. You can use the “cards” feature to save client contact information, build larger project tasks or anything else.

Some of the top features include creating unlimited task lists, commenting and collaboration, and organizing lists by dates or priority.

While Trello is easy to learn and use, it can get messy quickly if you and your team don't have a method.

Free Version: Available - allows unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: $9.99 user/month for businesses.

Todoist Business

All Teams Free trial Paid

todoist business

Key Features & Benefits:

With more than 10 million users, ToDoist is one of the most popular productivity tools available. Todoist Business is a premium tool, which is super-easy to use and extremely robust.

One of the most appealing aspects of ToDoist is that it’s incredibly user friendly. It’s extremely easy to type in new tasks on desktop, web or mobile.

ToDoist recognizes text and automatically converts them to due dates. Just type in ‘tomorrow,’ ‘next week’ and so on and the tool automatically adds due dates.

It’s also super easy to add tasks to projects, add tags, priorities, assign tasks to team members and so on.

The interface is extremely clean and intuitive. You can move tasks and projects around with a robust drag and drop functionality.

ToDoist’s project and task hierarchy is simple and customizable. You can create several levels of projects, sub-projects, tasks and sub-tasks.

The benefit of all these features is that your team members will actually use the tool far more often.

Companies often struggle to convince their employees to adopt a tool, but you shouldn’t face this problem with ToDoist Business.

It has granular privacy settings which make it extremely simple for you to share specific projects, tasks or even sub tasks with specific employees, freelancers or clients.

Commenting, voice recording, file uploading and location-based reminders are a few other features you should explore.

If you are into David Allen’s GTD approach to productivity, there is probably no better tool. However, there are no Kanban board views.

But, the activity log tells you what people are working on, and you can use filters to see view tasks according to due dates, stage of completion, priorities, projects as well as use multiple categories for complex visualizations.

Free Version: ToDoist Business doesn’t have a free plan, but it’s regular version does.
Free Trial: 30 days
Pricing: $29/user per year


All Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is a to-do, task, project and time management application that helps busy people and effective teams get tasks and projects done.

With Nozbe you can stop using email for managing teamwork.

Use it to share projects with people on your team, delegate tasks with just one click, attach comments to tasks or files to projects, and even edit several projects at one go.

Everyone you work with does not even need to set up a Nozbe account.

The tool integrates seamlessly with Evernote, Google or Microsoft Office documents, Dropbox and others, so you can continue to access your information stored on these tools.

Free Version: Available - with 5 active projects limit.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: Starts at $8 per month for 1-2 users.


All Teams Free trial Paid

Key Features & Benefits:

Teambook is a capacity planning and resource scheduling online tool that aims to help managers take better decisions when it comes to the planning of their teams.

They bet on the fact that not everybody needs an all-in-one expensive and complex project management tool to manage teams. Instead, they offer a very straightforward team planning solution, leaving complex and more targeted project management features to these all-in-one tools.

Therefore, the focus here is on the team planner calendar.

It is built to help managers easily find the right available resource (and skills) for the right job, thanks to a set of features including powerful filter and custom tag systems.

Adding new bookings on that drag & drop planner is a matter of seconds and its visual design lets the user pick the display view (up to 4 weeks) in order to get an instant overview of who works on what and when.

Teambook also brings some time-saving features. Recurring tasks (such as weekly meetings) take only one extra step to set up from a simple booking thanks to the repeat booking option. And the bulk edit mode allows users to move or edit a selection of bookings from a single side panel.

The reporting page gives a fast overview of a team or specific user key metrics, such as productivity, utilization and availability. It’s a good place to start when trying to identify productivity issues.

For an optimal communication, Teambook also offers email notifications and recap, calendars integration and shareable client links. Plus, it integrates with Harvest and Zapier to make sure it works smoothly with complementary tools.

Free Version: Coming soon
Free Trial: 14 days
Pricing: Starts at $19 per month (unlimited users)


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is a fully automatic time tracking tool for all types of teams.

With Timely, you can see how each member of your team spends time working on a project. This ensures that you never spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to track time manually.

The tool tracks activity across all your devices while you work and creates fully-representative timesheets for you.

The tool also captures hidden billable hours like travel, client calls, daily digital communication and overrunning meetings.

Its best feature is probably that you can work wherever you want with real-time sync on every platform including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, Mac and Windows.

A large drawback of this tool is that fully automated time tracking tools require a substantial amount of time to define parameters so that the time tracking is done accurately. If you don’t define those parameters correctly or in sufficient detail, you will have inaccurate records.

Free Version: Not Available
Free Trial: 14 days
Pricing: Starts at $7/month for individual use.


All Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Wrike is a real-time work management software which is great for product development and engineering teams as well as marketing and creative teams.

The tool lets you organize everything you need to complete your project in one spot.

You can break big goals into manageable tasks, attach files, and set due dates. Use Wrike to add any task into multiple folders or projects and create any combination of folder structures.

Use the Dynamic Request Forms to accelerate delivery and scale your project volume. The tool lets you collect all necessary information from requesters up front and automatically assign it to the right team.

The Live editing feature lets you work collaboratively and see everyone’s changes in real-time. Wrike allows you to upload and edit documents without taking the trouble of saving attachments to your computer.

The Gantt Chart and Resource Management features allow engineering teams to deliver more reliable results and utilize resources more effectively.

Gantt Charts provide a visual timeline which can be used to view your project schedule as well as set task dependencies to keep your team members abreast of the different moving parts of a project.

An open view of team workloads in the resource management makes it easy to recalibrate when necessary. The Time & Budget Tracking feature can be used for accurate planning and budget management.

Moreover, with the duplicating feature, teams can duplicate recurring tasks or project templates to work faster.

Free Version: Available for up to 5 users
Free Trial: Yes
Pricing: Starts at $9.80/user per month after 5 users

Deltek Vision

All Teams Paid

deltek vision

Key Features & Benefits:

Deltek Vision software is well suited for professional services firms such as management consulting, market research, and engineering companies.

The tool provides real-time critical business data through customizable reports role-based graphical dashboards, and alerts.

With Deltek, your company can manage all aspects of financials including AP, AR, budgeting and revenue recognition with support for multi-currency and multi-company.

The tool also helps firms select the right people for the right projects and allows firms to monitor pipeline, track opportunities and manage client touches.

Use the tool to get a complete view of the client and the project from initial contract through project delivery and collection. This enables companies to consistently delivering on time and within budget thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: Not Available.
Pricing: Starts at $30/user per month.


All Teams Freemium Paid

nTask is a free online project management software that focuses on eliminating the need to shuffle between tools. It offers 7 modules built natively inside the tool that take care of important matters such as task management, project planning and reporting, meetings, risk management, bug and issue tracking, and more.

Key Features of nTask

  • Task & Project Management: Simple task & project creation using task checklists, updates and a beautiful project Gantt chart.
  • Risk Management: Use risk matrix to identify and assess potential risks and their frequency of occurrence.
  • Issue Management: Create and manage issues with customizable severity, priority, and status options.
  • Time Management: Beautifully designed weekly timesheets with manual hours linked to a suitable task or a project.
  • Resource Management: Manage resource allocation, budget and project cost using the Project Planner.
  • Meeting Management: Schedule multiple meetings at a time with a clear and concise agenda, discussion points and follow-up actions.

Free version: Available, 5 workspaces, 200 MBs of storage.
Free Trial: No
Pricing: Pro Plan - $2.99, Unlimited everything.


Designers and Creative Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Basecamp is the perfect tool to begin this section for designers and creatives teams because as it says on its website, the tool is built for client-service businesses.

Basecamp’s modern social media-like interface and carefree team collaboration features are its major plus points. You can use it to organize projects, teams, and talent.

Moreover, it can help you achieve your milestones by having full visibility and control of everything that’s happening in your organization.

Its top features include projects to manage multiple users’ work, a separate dashboard for showing to clients, message boards for discussing new projects or ideas, in-app collaboration with the team, and email and desktop notifications

While it is easy to learn and use, the price is steep if you are a solopreneur or small business.

Free Version: Available only for teachers and students.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: $99 per month for businesses of any size.

Teamwork Projects

Designers and Creative Teams Free trial Paid

teamwork projects

Key Features & Benefits:

This tool is great for creative teams like website designers or marketing agencies to organize their work and tasks.

The tool allows you to create tasks, priority levels on tasks, and set deadlines. Multiple users can collaborate on the planning of a project with ease.

The project chart features gives a 'Gantt' style view of your projects highlighting any milestones on the project date line.

Moreover, you can record the progress of your projects with Gantt charts. With the privacy feature you can even keep some details of the project private from rest of the team.

The time tracking feature enables you to categorize time logs into billable and non-billable time spent on a task.

You can also keep all files, comments, and attachments in one secure place so that there is never any time wasted looking for information.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: Pro version costs $9 per user/month (up to 50 users); higher prices for larger teams.


Designers and Creative Teams Paid


Key Features and Benefits:

This is a one-stop solution for creative consulting businesses, media companies, Ad agencies, PR firms, and digital marketing companies.

The tool comes with reporting and revenue forecasting features. It has a clean user interface with a beautiful dashboard which makes it appealing to designers.

The Job Jacket feature centralizes project-specific activities. You can make your own job jacket templates and use it to open and track different projects based on specific kinds of work being done.

You can then store multiple versions and revisions and access all project-related information from a single location.

With the Employee Finder feature, you can intelligently recommend assignments based on role, availability, existing workload and seniority.

Using Risk Analysis Summary, Burn Rate Charts and Graphs, you can analyze risks and find out where projects are ‘before’ they go over budget.

Advantage also has project management, collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), corporate accounting, and media handling capabilities.

Free Version: Only demo
Free Trial: No
Pricing: On request


Designers and Creative Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Notion is great for agile teams that do creative or technical work. It allows you to assemble workflows that work best for your team and is as easy as using a text editor.

Its Notes and Docs feature can help you replace Google Docs and Evernote. You can organize tasks, notes and wikis in one place.

Use Notion to keep a personal weekly checklist, build a task board with flexible drag and drop editor, share files, or build an infinite knowledge base by nesting pages inside each other.

It works very well with Slack and has a clean and interesting UI.

Free Version: Available - allows 1000 block storage and 5MB file upload limit
Free Trial: No
Pricing: Full-featured versions start at $8/user per month.


Designers and Creative Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is a good tool for designing, advertising and creative teams who want a simple and easy-to-use platform for time tracking and project management.

Use the tool to create a centralized place where you can manage clients, projects, budgets, talent, and time.

The classic version allows you to stay on top of projects and prevent scope creep, generate instant reports on clients, projects and personnel and review previous projects when you are developing new quotes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

However, if you want to assign and schedule tasks for teams or allows teams to communicate and receive requests from many different departments using customized request forms, you would have to upgrade to higher priced plans.

Free Version: Not available.
Free Trial: Demo only.
Pricing: Classic plan starts at $35 for first user plus $5/month per additional user; Premier plan starts at $50 for first user plus $10/month per additional user; In-House plan starts at $100 for first user plus $15/month per additional user


Designers and Creative Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

MeisterTask is a highly intuitive task management tool that allows you to create projects, assign tasks, add team members and follow each other’s progress.

The task relationship feature lets you mark tasks as related to, duplicated or blocked by other tasks. You also get notified when a blockage is resolved.

Its flexible project boards feature adapts to your workflow and makes sure everyone is always on the same page.

Moreover, with smart automations and integrations, the tool ensures that you work more efficiently and consistently.

Another cool feature is that it integrates with MindMeister, an online mind mapping tool. The online collaboration features let your team members brainstorm with their colleagues in real-time and then create project plans in a visual format.

Once you finish mapping and have defined your tasks in the mind mapping app, you can drag and drop them the information into a connected kanban board in MeisterTask. So you have the layout in a more structured fashion and can work on the project with your teammates.

Free Version: Available.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: $9.99/month Pro plan for unlimited integrations; $24.99/month per person for Business plan.


Designers and Creative Teams Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Airtable is different from other project management tools. It’s actually a highly advanced spreadsheet cum database, that can be used to track projects and tasks.

It has a beautiful and intuitive UI, so don’t just write it off if you don’t like spreadsheets. It’s nothing like MS Excel!

Airtable gives ready-to-use templates that can be used by creative teams, marketing teams, product teams and so on.

For instance, marketing or PR teams can use it to create a database of journalists as well as manage all the tasks of a PR campaign such as content creation, finding the right publications to target and reaching out to the right journalists.

The tool employs spreadsheets to organize and visualize data. It can link data points across various spreadsheets thereby connecting tasks and deliverables across different departments in one single place.

Airtable integrates with other project management tools such as Asana, Basecamp, Trello as well as Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Slack and many more.

Tables are shareable, and users can track changes being made to documents. Airtable also includes a chat feature, which allows users to collaborate while working on tables.

Free Version: Available.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Starts at $10 per month/user.


Writers, Bloggers and Content Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

If you want a tool for managing your content marketing activities, this is the software for you.

You might have already heard about CoSchedule’s free Headline Analyzer feature that scores headlines based on different parameters and helps you craft something more eye catching.

CoSchedule is also an editorial calendar software that helps you organize your tasks, writing projects, social media scheduling, content curation and many more. You can easily manage and publish all your blog content and social promotion from one place.

You can view your entire schedule at a glance with the simple drag and drop calendar. The calendar also integrates with many popular tools like WordPress, Chrome, Google Analytics, and all social platforms.

Use the Best Time Scheduling feature that sends your messages at the best time possible – according to research and best practices – for increased traffic, engagement, and followers.

Keep your team in the loop and the conversation in context with CoSchedule's integrated discussion threads and browser notifications.

Free Version: No.
Free Trial: 14 days.
Pricing: Essential plan starts at $40/month for solopreneurs; For businesses they have 3 plans - Growth, Professional, Enterprise.


Writers, Bloggers and Content Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Content writing teams and bloggers need to collaborate extensively to create content and Confluence provides one of the best platforms to do that.

Use its inline, page and file commenting feature to leave your feedback on the work itself on any Confluence page. This enables teams to stop wasting time trying to dig out feedback from email or chat threads.

Confluence allows you to add multimedia and dynamic content to your meeting notes and project plans. Moreover, you have the added benefits of automatic versioning, advanced text search, and instant previews.

While you can share PDFs, Office docs, images, and more in Confluence, you also have the ability to keep your site and your content secure with granular permissions.

Since this tool has been developed by the same company that launched Jira - Atlassian, you can connect seamlessly with Jira to get insight into your development work with automatic linking, quick issue creation and reports in Confluence.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 7 days.
Pricing: $10/month for up to 10 users; $5/user per month for bigger teams


Writers, Bloggers and Content Teams Freemium Free trial Paid

Key Features & Benefits:

Brightpod is a general project management tool that is popular among marketing companies.

The tool is great to use for various marketing activities like setting up a content calendar, social media planning and much more.

Manage and keep track of your projects using different views like Kanban board view, task list view and bird’s eye view as well.

In Brightpod, a project is referred to a “pod”. Inside pods, users are allowed to create a list of tasks, assign tasks, upload messages and also track time spent on project.

Top features include setting and tracking milestones, prioritizing tasks and checking everything in a single calendar view, creating and saving workflows.

Brightpod also allows for great collaboration by making it easy to comment, chat and share documents inside a pod.

Also, it features a very useful integration with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy transferring of documents.
Free version: Available
Free trial: 14 days
Pricing: Starts at $29/month (15 projects and unlimited users)


Software Engineers Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Jira is a project management software that allows software engineers and tech teams to manage product development.

You can create and track user stories, issues and tasks with Jira. These stories can be organized into sprints with Scrum and Kanban boards.

The tool also allows you to create and distribute unique task workflows to fit your team's needs.

It’s not just a bug and issue tracker. Use Jira to create custom filters using Jira Query Language (JQL) and integrate with developer tools for end-to-end traceability.

The tool provides centralized team communication and detailed real-time reports about progress. You can customize Jira with over 3000+ add-on apps. A small drawback is the learning curve.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 7 days.
Pricing: $10/month flat fee for a team of up to 10 users; $7/month with full features for larger and expanding teams (discounts available for teams with 101+ users).


Software Engineers Freemium Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Engineers can use Mavenlink to collaborate, share files, and track project activity online from anywhere in the world.

Use the tool to agree on budget & schedule, track time, send invoices, get paid via PayPal, and complete work - all inside a project workspace.

The tool has powerful reporting features that let you track the status of every task, the availability of all your resources, as well as the profitability of all your projects in real time.

Some of the other top features include task lists and Gantt charts to plan projects, drag-and-drop functionality to order tasks in an outline hierarchy.

You can also create templates for your standard projects to reuse easily or study project "health" based on time and finance budgets.

Free Version: Available.
Free Trial: 10 days.
Pricing: Team plan for 5 users with core project management features at $19/month; Professional plan for full project management features at
$29/month per user.


Software Engineers Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

WorkFlow Max is a clever project management software designed with engineers in mind.

It allows you to track time online and create invoices automatically from timesheets. You can get a complete overview of a project from the dashboard.

Moreover, the custom reporting feature enables you to see which jobs earn you the most money and where you can improve your business.

The tool integrates well with accounting software Xero so that payments in Xero are automatically synced with the corresponding invoice in WorkflowMax, giving you an accurate picture of profitability per job.

You can invoice based on time, costs, flat-rate, a percentage of quoted value or in any other manner you prefer.

Use the templates in the quoting feature to send professionally designed, branded, custom quotes.

Another feature allows you to raise purchase orders in WorkflowMax, and add them in as job costs as you receipt supplier invoices.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 14 days.
Pricing: Starts at $15/month for 1 user; up to $250/month for 50 users.


Software Engineers Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

WorkZone - trusted by top brands such as Bose, Wells Fargo, and Adidas - is suitable for companies that manage multiple projects and require robust inter-team collaborations.

Few of its top features include personalized to-do lists which are automatically created and emailed to each user, giving a focused, cross-project view to organize each day’s work.

Create subtasks and task dependencies, and provide permission settings for certain users (including clients) to access projects, tasks and files.

Use the tool to quickly see statuses with Gantt charts and assign people to more than one task.

The resource reports feature can be used to make sure no one is overloaded (or underloaded) with work. You can also build your own templates to standardize processes and save valuable hours.

The tool is powerful, yet easy-to-use compared to others.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: No, Demo on request.
Pricing: On request.


Software Engineers Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

This is a great tool for project-based teams like manufacturing or technology teams that deal with strict deadlines.

A unique methodology of this tool allows teams to set realistic deadlines based on best-case and worst-case scenarios.

With changes in project priorities or resources change, completion dates for each task and projects in your entire portfolio is instantly updated.

Its effective resource management features allow you to see how much work each team member has on his or her schedule and whether they can take on additional work. It also allows you to see whether anyone needs help with their workload.

The Cross-Project Visibility feature allows you to get instant insight into progress, risks, and budgets for all of your projects. This can help you set expectations and share relevant information with the right audience.

Liquid Planner also has task-specific collaboration boards. It makes commenting on tasks and schedules super easy.

While it’s a powerful software, Liquidplanner is also one of the most expensive project management tools available.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: 14 days.
Pricing: Professional plan for departments and small businesses that run multiple projects concurrently ($45/month per user with 5 user minimum); Enterprise plan for large organizations that manage hundreds of projects and distributed resources ($69/month per user with 5 user minimum).

Microsoft Project

Software Engineers Free trial Paid

microsoft project

Key Features & Benefits:

This is a basic project management tool that almost any business or project managers across industries can use. It continues to remain a dependable tool to many companies for project planning and tracking.

The tool has industry-specific and best-practices-aligned templates so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch and it has more than three decades of development, upgrades and support.

Some of the top features include built-in project templates, project timelines, reporting & business intelligence, project scheduling & costing.

However, it can seem bulky and unwieldy for agile teams. You won’t find any of the social project management features that people take for granted in other tools.

Free Version: Not Available.
Free Trial: Only for Professional and Premium plans.
Pricing: $5.30/user per month (Essential); $22.60/user per month (Professional); $41.50/user per month (Premium) - all for cloud platform, higher prices for on-premise plans.


Software Engineers Freemium Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

TeamGantt’s features for planning and completing projects is useful for agencies, tech companies, and manufacturers.

The tool is highly visual and users can create a collaborative Gantt chart that allows them to map out how much time each project should take. They can also break down each project by user so people can see how their tasks are interlinked.

Some of the top features are the drag and drop simplicity with which you can change start and end dates, reorder tasks, and adjust your timelines in a single click.

The tool allows for easy collaboration as you can see every project update and quickly share them with internal and external stakeholders.

Moreover, you can view a project’s status without scheduling a meeting or sending emails.

Managers can create reusable templates for projects and customize your view to see tasks by day, in a calendar view, a simple list format, or in a Gantt chart.

Another major feature is project dependencies where you can set the order in which tasks should be completed. This is great for meeting deadlines and improving team productivity.

Free Version: Available - allows basic planning and collaboration for up to 3 people and 1 project.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Starts at $39.50 for up to 5 people (unlimited projects).


Software Engineers Freemium Free trial Paid

Key Features & Benefits:

zipBoard is an online collaboration tool that ensures smooth project management. It is a great platform for designers, developers, clients and other stakeholders, QA members to stay in sync and work together effectively.

Designers can upload mocks/prototypes, which can discussed and reviewed without any hassle with everyone on board. All the concerns can be added tasks and action items which can be easily assigned, prioritized and tracked. In depth analysis issues can also be exported as CSV files.

Moreover team members get automatic updates whenever some issue is reported or resolved. Also, features like direct messaging using @mention or sending emails from the app are also available which keeps the team and external stakeholders updated about the project.

zipBoard supports reviewing added URLs, images, pdf, mp4 and html packages. So,whether you are collaborating on your mocks or your actual website or an elearning SCORM file, zipBoard is for you to track your tasks and stay on top of your projects, have conversations and get the work done.

The simple task management system allows even the non tech members to utilize the platform optimally. Moreover anyone can be invited to review your work and share their expert commnets.It is as swift as sharing a link and the invitees don’t need to necessarily login to the system to share their thoughts and reviews.

Free Version: Yes, with a limit to number of projects.
Free Trial: 30 day free trial is available for premium plans.
Pricing: The Starter plan costs $29/month including 5 projects. The Team plan costs $59 per month including 20 projects.


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits

Hive is an all-in-one project management tool used by brands like Uber, Starbucks and Google.

The building blocks of Hive are action cards, which can be assigned to any team member, commented on, shared, and tracked in projects.

One of the benefits of Hive is the flexible project views that make it easy to address and complete tasks, including Gantt, Kanban, calendar and table view. These views give your team the ability to manage their projects in the way they work best and easily switch between views for ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, Hive has a native email integration which allows you to access your Gmail and Outlook accounts directly in Hive, send emails from the app, and assign tasks based on email next steps.

Hive also integrates with thousands of other apps, including Google Drive, Slack, Zenefits and Box, and has a robust set of analytics for project and task tracking.

Free Version: No
Free Trial: 14-day free trial
Price: $12/user/month billed annually


All Teams Freemium Free trial Paid


Planio is an online project management and collaboration suite. It combines all necessary features to facilitate the task of planning and working together on projects.

Key Features & Benefits:

Traditional and agile project management, collaborative file management, a customisable ticket system, customer help desk, team chat, time tracking, repository hosting, role-based access control, a news system, and wikis and forums.

Planio is highly configurable, so you don’t have to adjust your workflow to suit it. You’ll be able to run your projects, your way.

Planio is made up of 15 apps that you can switch on or off in each project – depending on your needs. You can create wikis, forums, blogs, track time, store documents or chat with your team. Or you can keep things simple, and only activate the apps you need right now.

You can also link Git or SVN commits to issues in Planio, so you can know exactly which developer did what and what they’ve changed. You can host unlimited SVN or GIT repositories in Planio, or you can integrate your repositories on GitHub.

Planio is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot for their support. You can pick up the phone and ring them, or you can send them an email. The vendor states everyone working at Planio provides support because they believe in understanding their customers.

All your data is hosted on Planio’s servers in Germany subject to world-class data privacy laws. The vendor states they don’t give your data to third parties without your permission.

Free Version: Available - for 2 active users and 1 active project
Free Trial: 30 days
Pricing: Starts at $25 per month


All Teams Free trial Paid


Kanbanize is an agile project management software that combines Kanban-style features and business automation into a virtual workspace. Built with scale in mind, you can use the software for project, program and portfolio management.

To bring simplicity, productivity, and efficiency to the way you work, Kanbanize’s features include initiatives and timeline workflow for planning, customizable Kanban boards, business automation rules, a powerful analytics module and more.

Within the system, users can structure and visualize their daily work - plan initiatives and projects, break them down into manageable tasks, visualize dependencies and create multiple workflows for cross-functional teams.

Work and project progress is shown in real-time to eliminate the need for constant status updates and reporting. As a result, teams are able to increase their efficiency and satisfy end-customers by focusing on the work that brings real value to them.

Moreover, the addition of the Analytics module in Kanbanize allows teams to access different lean/agile charts such as Cumulative Flow Diagrams, Heat Maps, Cycle Time Scatter Plots and more. With their help, project managers become more capable of analyzing the stability of their work process, so they can identify any emerging issues and react to them in a timely fashion."

Free version: No.
Free Trial: 30 days.
Pricing: Starts at $99/month for 1-15 users.

Process Street

All Teams Free trial Paid

process street

Process Street is a BPM software designed to make recurring work fast, fun, and faultless for teams everywhere.

The biggest strength of Process Street is its superpowered checklists. You can use checklist templates to streamline all of your processes and simplify project management by making sure everyone is on the same page, with a clear process to follow.

By using checklists and following processes, you reduce errors and save time. Common mistakes and confusion are less likely if each step is clearly laid out in a simple, easy to follow checklist.


All Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits

GanttPRO is one of the most robust and at the same time, intuitive Gantt chart tools for project planning. It has a short learning curve so managers and teams can start working on new projects and collaborate right away.

One of the greatest features in GanttPRO is that it allows breaking down even most complex projects into smaller subprojects, tasks, groups of tasks, and subtasks. As a result, your project gets a structure with manageable tasks and dates that are easy to follow.

GanttPRO is far more than just a Gantt chart for planning. Teams can cover most of their project needs.

The tool offers resource management and resource workload, team collaboration through comments, attachments, and mentions, time logging, advanced Export and project sharing, deadline management, dependencies, auto-scheduling, critical path, progress tracking, and robust task management.

This all is accompanied with the drag & drop simplicity and visually appealing interface.

Free Version: Not available
Free Trial: Yes
Pricing: Starts at $15/user per month for individual projects and $5.90/user per month for teams.


Software Engineers Freemium Free trial Paid


Features and Benefits:

Backlog is an all-in-one project and code management tool. It combines the organizational benefits of task management with the power of buck tracking and version control.

Assign, track, and release code right alongside regular project work with built-in Git and SVN repositories. With Kanban-style boards for tracking tasks and issues, Gantt and Burndown charts for tracking projects, and Wikis for documenting shared knowledge, your team will be well prepared to deliver their best work.

Push notifications, history threads, and drag & drop file management make keeping everyone on board a breeze. This cloud-hosted tool is also available on-site for Enterprise users.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available for working on the go.

Free Version: Available
Free Trial: Yes
Price: Starter Plan $ 35/month (pp to 30 users, 5 projects, and 1 GB total storage); Standard Plan $ 100/ month (unlimited users, 100 projects, and 30 GB storage); Premium Plan $ 175/month (unlimited users, unlimited projects, and 100 GB storage)


All Teams Free trial Paid


Nifty is a cloud-based SaaS tool that includes everything a project manager might need to stay on top of updates. It truly has it all: communication, project management, and workload customization. The intuitive UI makes it easy for even your least tech-savvy team members to adjust and start engaging with the tool. It has an easy file sharing mechanism for document access and navigation across teams.

They also have a variety of integrations available, including the key players of Google Suite, Slack, and Zoom. Nifty makes it easy to seamlessly shift your projects from other project management software to their platform.

Add project milestones, portfolios, and task and milestone dependencies to streamline and elevate your team’s work. Pro and Business plans come with even more features, such as time-tracking, reporting, and budget tracking.

Key features:

  • Milestones
  • Task Management
  • Built-in Collaboration
  • Documents

Free Version: Not available
Free Trial: 7 days
Price: $39 Starter Pack, $124 for Businesses, Custom Plan


Designers and Creative Teams Free trial Paid


Key Features & Benefits:

Orangescrum is a project management software that helps you and your team stay organized. It can be used to manage projects, tasks, features, or anything else related to teams. The tools allow for almost infinite customization which keeps everyone on the same page and getting more out of their collaboration rather than wasting time trying not to overlap with others' work as it gets in hands of Orangescrum at once.

Orangescrum is one of the most popular project management software for agile projects. It can be used for managing tasks, teams and a scrum board which helps in tracking progress on your product. One of its best features are sprints - it's very easy to set up, track and break down your time into manageable chunks!

It offers project planning capabilities, such as milestone/task group tracking, task status tracking, priority setting and document sharing.

Orangescrum is a free project management and task management software that provides small to enterprise businesses with an easy to use system.

Here is a quick Orangescrum feature snapshot:

  • Assign, schedule, collaborate and track tasks
  • Create task and subtasks without any hassle
  • Automated time tracking for your team
  • Check your resource availability and resource utilization
  • Schedule and create task dependencies
  • Create your own workflow as per your business requirement
  • Create, save and send accurate invoices to your customer/client.
  • Information rich Kanban view for TO DO, In Progress and Pending tasks
  • Get instant email notifications and reply on the go
  • Get daily team update right in your inbox with Daily Catch-Up

Free Version: Yes.
Free Trial: 14 days.
Pricing: Startup plan starts with $9/mo for 10 users.



There you are - project management tools for general use, agencies, content teams and engineers. Which of these tools do you prefer? What other tools do you think should we add to this list? Feel free to let us know.
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