List of Time and Attendance Software

Modern time and attendance software now have a number of added features that make it useful beyond just tracking absenteeism and work hours. These type of software can also be used to improve employee productivity, track computer and Internet usage, and track breaks and meeting attendance automatically. Read more…

Comparison of Help Desk Software

Part of your business success is keeping your customers happy. However if you don’t have any kind of help desk software you might find that keeping track of all your questions and answers becomes a nightmare. Read more…

Comparison of Paymo and Time Doctor

Paymo and Time Doctor both are time tracking tools but they are very different in their approach to Time Tracking. Let’s check out some of the similarities and differences between these tools.

Paymo is used by individuals to record time entries with start and end times. Tracked time can be assigned to clients and projects. Paymo is more focused on project and tasks management and billing of clients.


Adding a task on

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Comparison of Desktime and Time Doctor

Desktime is quite different to Time Doctor in the feature sets, but there are some in common and the two pieces of software have similar goals.

Let’s take a look at how they compare:

Desktime – Silent tracking of Applications and Websites

Desktime software is installed on the person’s computer and then it will track websites used and applications whenever the computer is used.

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Desktime tracking

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Here’s a List of Small Business Bookkeeping Software

The bookkeeping software scene is dominated by giants. In the US, there is Quickbooks, in the UK there is Sage and in Australia MYOB. However, dozens of smaller scale SaaS (Software as a Service) alternatives are playing catch up and some are growing in popularity.

Here’s a list of bookkeeping software and alternatives. Find one that is best suited for your business:
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Comparison of the Best Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software are software designed to streamline, automate and measure marketing processes more efficiently. For technology companies, this is a must. So we created this public spreadsheet of marketing automation software that shows you the top options, their pricing, and a comparison of the features. Read more…