How Busy Entrepreneurs can Create Great Content on a Budget

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23 Marketing Tools and Services

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List of Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics may be the most popular web analytics tool out there but it does not mean that it’s the only option. Read more…

Time Tracking Software Comparison: The Complete List

Time is equally important as money in business.

That is why you need to track where time is spent in your organization. Read more…

Time Doctor Versus FreshBooks

Time Doctor and FreshBooks both offer time tracking features, but they are really completely different tools with different purposes.

FreshBooks is focused on invoicing as logging expenses, billing clients and basic accounting.

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Time Doctor Versus Replicon

Time Doctor is a time tracking software with multiple features to ensure that the time tracked is accurate. The focus of Time Doctor is on improving the productivity of individuals and organizations.

Replicon, on the other hand, offers variety of products to track and manage time and attendance. Here are some of the different products that Replicon offers for time and attendance:


TimeBill on Replicon

TimeBill focuses on capturing billable time and project costs to ensure fast and accurate client billing and on-time project delivery.

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Time Doctor versus Chrometa

Time Doctor and Chrometa are both tools that are used for time tracking. Let’s take a look at both of these tools and compare their features and benefits.

Chrometa away time
Chrometa’s Away Time

Chrometa captures time entries by recording how much time is spent working in an application or a website. Its mobile applications for Android and iPhone capture time details, including the time lost and away time, and also turn phone calls into billable time entries automatically:

Chrometa mobile time

Time Doctor focuses on improving the productivity of individuals and organizations. It offers features to ensure that the time tracked is accurate. It is based on a task list and selecting the task that you are working on at any point in time. Time spent away from the computer is automatically noted as “Away from computer” time. Read more…