Cloyd Waldo

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Cloyd Waldo works for Time Doctor, a time tracking and productivity monitoring software designed for remote teams.

Working Across Time Zones – Infographic

Working remotely you have to work across time zones. Without the right tools or the right knowledge, you can't make it work.

William Shaker Podcast featuring Rob Rawson on ‘How to Build a Successful Business’

William Shaker is a thirteen year veteran of the online business scene. He is also the host of "Endless Possibilities", a wee

7 Tips on How to Start a Successful SaaS Business

With the global Software-as-a-Service revenue hitting $16 billion this year, and then $22 billion by 2015, it's tempting to j

The Power of Customer Retention (Infographic)

Which is better, retaining current customers or acquiring new ones? (more…)

Money Invested by Tech Giants (Infographic)

In 2012, only 18 countries exceeded $500B in GDP. If Apple were a country, it would have the 18th largest economy in the worl

Seed and Angel Funding in the First Half of 2012

With the 2012 fiscal year nearly over, we bring you once again our summary of the seed and angel investments made in the past

Here’s Where Your Team is Wasting Time at Work (Infographic)

Wasted time in the workplace is a massive problem. How big is exactly unclear, but from our research, the cost to business is