8 Free Online Video and Audio Training for Entrepreneurs

How awesome would it be to access videos of top entrepreneurs telling you what they did to succeed? Did you know that there are literally hundreds of hours of FREE video and audio training for entrepreneurs online?

Here is my list of favorite resources.

1. Mixergy

Mixergy training for entrepreneurs

This site has hundreds of fantastic interviews with successful entrepreneurs (including one with yours truly!), as well as trainings on topic such as Facebook advertising or search engine optimization. Mixergy includes video and audio versions plus transcriptions of the interviews. The majority of the content is free, and they do have also a paid access section.

2. Stanford University eCorner

Stanford university Ecorner entrepreneur resource

Imagine learning from the top online entrepreneurs in the US such as Reid Hoffman of Linkedin or Kevin Systrom from Instagram (sold for $1billion to Facebook). This is the top entrepreneurial training on the planet and it’s available free online. Unbelievable.

3. Lean startup videos by Eric Ries

Lean startup videos by Eric Ries

If you’re developing a web or software app, these videos are essential. They help you identify what works for technology startups. You learn exactly how to duplicate the successes and avoid the failures of other businesses. These videos are free on Justin.tv.

4. Foundation by Kevin Rose

Foundation by Kevin Rose for technology entrepreneurs

Kevin interviews a bunch of super successful technology entrepreneurs. Great insights and Kevin is a bit of a rock star himself (at least for technology nerds!).

5. ThisWeekIn.com Web TV Network

ThisWeekIn.com Web TV Network

Shows on startups, venture capital and a show with founders from techstars.

6. TED

TED Talks

TED Talks are not so much about business, but some of them are and many of them are very inspiring.

7. Small Business Webcast

Small Business Webcast

Specific information on taxes, law, marketing, computer networks, search engine optimization, business insurance and some other areas.

8. Entrepreneurship.org


Some more very specific information such as “Working with the FDA”, and videos that apply more to medium to large businesses.

Do you know of any entrepreneur training and resources to add to the list? Tell me in the comments section below.

Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.


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