5 Affordable Mobile Recruiting Tools to Help You Hire Superstars

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Hiring is hard. A few years ago, you would simply advertise your job on a site like Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com. Then you wait for the resume’s to come pouring in.

Today, you need to recruit in a number of places including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, niche job boards…

And the list goes on and on.

Once you’ve listed your job opportunity, you need a way to track resumes and the candidates who come through your pipeline.

Over the past few years, recruiting software has become a powerful way to manage the life cycle of the hiring process.

These five affordable recruiting tools will help you hire superstar team members.

Zoho Recruit

For those of you who don’t know, Zoho is a software company that sells solutions to every aspect of the business.

From the sales team, to the marketing team, to the HR team, Zoho has you covered.

But in keeping form with this post, we’re going to focus in on their recruiting software.

Key Features

  • Website Integration – Use the power of your brand to find candidates by creating a custom Careers Website Page that seamlessly blends with the rest of your site.
  • Post Jobs to Jobs Boards – Zoho Recruit lets you post job openings to the most popular job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed and LinkedIn with just a few simple clicks.
  • Utilize Social Media – Connect with candidates on social media. Post individual job openings or your company career page to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.
  • Gather Resumes from Multiple Sources – Automatically capture and import resume information from email attachments, your website, Outlook inbox and more.
  • Import from Document – Utilize resume parsing tools Rchili & eGrabber seamlessly to parse multiple resumes and import candidate information directly to your database.
  • Document Collaboration – Share and edit documents with specific people or everyone in your organization for easy and efficient collaboration.
  • Pricing

    Zoho Recruit offers a freemium pricing offer. You can try a basic version that will allow one team member to track applicants. To access other features, you’ll need to pay $25 per recruiter per month.



    If you value customer service, then ApplicantStack may be the solution for you.

    Among all of the reviews on the popular software buying and review site Capterra, ApplicantStack’s team was the most complimented “feature” of the product.

    Not that the rest of the software is bad, but it is refreshing when a company cares about their customers.


  • Recruit Faster – With one-click you can distribute your job openings to free job search sites like Simply Hired and Indeed, integrate with major job boards, & share on social media sites.
  • Hire Smarter – Our applicant tracking system can quickly filter and score applicants based off their resume/CV content, questionnaire answers, and more.
  • Manage Easier – Our 100% cloud-based software allows users to collaborate, communicate, and store applicant data that’s accessible anytime, anywhere – from any device.
  • Create – Get rid of the paper application! Create and post jobs online that applicants can easily apply to on your webs.
  • Promote – With just a few simple clicks you can easily distribute your online job postings to major job boards and career search sites like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired & more.
  • Share – Let your social network know about your new job posting. Our social media widgets allows you to easily post openings to your organization’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.
  • Pricing

    ApplicantStack offers a multi-tier pricing solution that starts at $65 per month. This monthly payment option gives you access to all features within the software suite.



    With RecruiterBox, you can link the software to your personal email and calendars and get reminders for tasks.


  • Collect Resumes from Email Attachments – Simply forward emails to Recruiterbox, where we automatically create a candidate profile from the email using our state of the art recruiting software
  • Parse Contact Information from Resumes – Managing contact information from resumes can become cumbersome and time consuming. Luckily, with the Recruiterbox resume management software, contact information from the resume is automatically parsed in the candidate profile.
  • Customizable Recruitment Workflow – The software allows you to create custom stages as per your hiring process, so you can design your own hiring steps without any restrictions.
  • Track Applicant Status – One of the most critical steps of your hiring process is to check on the progress of sourcing and interviews – know the status of all applicants in your system.
  • Auto-manage the Careers Page on Your Company Website – Display your openings on your careers page through our widget – when you add an opening to our recruitment software, it will automatically display on your careers page
  • Share Notes & Evaluations Internally – One of the most important needs of applicant tracking systems is to share feedback within your team in one place.
  • Pricing

    RecruiterBox offers a freemium pricing model. The free pricing level allows you to “kickstart your hiring” before upgrading to more advanced features.

    Big Biller

    Big Biller is the recruiting software from the HR platform suite Top Echelon that helps recruiters manage the relationships they have with their applicants. The Big Biller software has a heavy emphasis on training and support.

    Key Features

  • Email Parser – It doesn’t get much easier than forwarding resumes into Big Biller from your inbox. You can even send up to 20 resumes per email to get more done in less time.
  • Resume Parser – Browse – Click – Parse. That’s all it takes to add a resume and create a record with contact information, work history, education, years experience, skills, etc…and have it searchable within seconds.
  • Quick Finds – Get your hands on the candidates, companies, or job orders you need now. The Quick Find is located on every page to help you quickly pull up those important records.
  • Pipelines – Know exactly where you are in the placement process and what you need to do next using Big Biller’s Pipeline.
  • Email Marketing – Create customized templates; email your candidates and clients with the Big Biller Emailer; and let the system do all of the sending, tracking, and recording.
  • Pricing

    Big Biller starts at $60 per month per user and each additional user that you add to the system will cost $20 per month.



    HireRabbit is a recruitment software built specifically for Facebook and Mobile optimization. Hire Rabbit claims that you can get up and running in under 2 minutes.

    Key Features

  • Customization – With Hire Rabbit, you can build a fully customizable Facebook and Mobile Job site that will wow your prospective hires.
  • Rack Key Metrics – Measure key metrics like job site views, job detail views and application numbers.
  • Export Analytics Data – Track everything from your analytics dashboard. Or export data to use with your ATS metrics.
  • Identify Trends – Spot trends and areas for improvement when you look at data in graphical format.
  • Pricing

    Hire Rabbit starts at $69 per month and with that plan allows you to have 5 recruiters on the system.


    Hiring a team of superstars is essential for any startup to survive. But it can truly be a painful process if done manually, without using an appropriate HR software.

    Promoting your job offer to the right people in the right networks, sorting and parsing resumes, and keeping track of applicants as they move through your hiring process can be a tedious but essential part of your businesses success.

    With the powerful tools listed above, you can spend more time building your business and less time finding the right people to bring on board.

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