4 Common Tasks for Virtual Assistants

4 Common Tasks for Virtual Assistants

As an outsourcing consultant, and someone who has worked with remote teams for many years now, I often get asked about the type of work and tasks I assign to my team.

For me it is always about finding the tasks that I wish I could do, or wish I had more time to do.

Using a virtual assistant to either complete these or other tasks that free my time is my focus for outsourcing. With my virtual assistants, there are 4 common tasks they work on for me to achieve this outcome:

Audio Transcription

Most of my day-to-day work involves the creation of content. I actually find it very time consuming to sit at my desk, facilitate a creative environment and then author and produce content. Scheduling time to do that just doesn’t work for me.

What I do instead is use my downtime (time that is often wasted such as driving) to record audio content that my virtual assistant will than transcribe into an article.

The process I use is to write myself a few dot points using the notes application on my phone. Any time I feel inspired or want to better utilize some downtime, I record the content in an article form. This file is then automatically uploaded to a DropBox shared folder that my assistant access and transcribes.

I have a quick read over the formatted document and then approve it for publish to whichever content site it was created for.

If you are someone who needs to create a lot of content – whether it be blog posts, social media updates or even letters, than using a virtual assistant to transcribe is a great way to create more time in your schedule.

Data Entry and Collection

I often find that a task comes across my desk, or into my team, that requires data collection or a process that is repetitive. I have found that tasks like this can easily be trained and assigned to someone else to complete. This is something that I would use my virtual assistant to do and complete for me. I find it a really quick process to provide some training, either through a document or a video such as a screencast, and have her work on that for me. And she does a great job. She’s very fast and very accurate.

Data entry and collection is another great task that we can outsource to virtual assistants.

Social Network Management

There are a wide range of tools and services that already provide automation for social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. I personally have always found them to be a little too robotic. Something that I am in the process of developing with my virtual assistant is a system for managing social networks. This puts a real human in place responding and actioning requests through social networks – such as Twitter conversations without me having to personally always being connected. All without that automation and that robotic feel that can sometimes occur.

Content Distribution

This point does relate to my first task of audio transcription. Once I have created my content, I use my wonderful virtual assistant to help me distribute that through all the distribution channels I use. This includes uploading it to YouTube, posting it to social networks, adding some links on Facebook and even creating the images and the necessary links and post it to my WordPress blog. I find that a great time saver and it allows me to stay focus on the things that I need to do and outsource the rest of those tasks.

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Adam Maddison

This is a guest post from Adam Maddison, Internet entrepreneur and author of the ebook ‘How To Outsource Without Losing Your Mind’. He lives with his wife and children on the east coast of Australia and operates a business with a large team of full-time workers who live in different parts of the globe but work together online daily.

Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson is a co-founder of Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.


  • Yani Lacaba says:

    I think the most common task is the administrative ones. This task is normally about data entry, managing schedule or keeping files. It is not as easy as you think though. The fact that it is repetitive makes it really boring and eventually, you will just notice yourself failing on your tasks. I could probably write my own article about this 🙂

  • Tabby says:

    These are some of the most common task and are the most useful to any businessman starting up their very own business. These are also repetitive task which are more efficient when given to VAs because they are easy to delegate plus they usually have changes on the operation or the steps.

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