Salaries Around the World – Awesome New Infographic!

Ever wonder what the rates of tech developers are around the world? Look no further! We teamed up with the guys from to put together this awesome new interactive infographic on the average salaries of IT professionals around the world.


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Salaries Around the World Awesome New Infographic

Prepared By:

Liam Martin is a co-founder of Time Doctor—a time monitoring and productivity monitoring tool that is designed to help businesses reduce wasted hours at work and improve employee productivity. He is from Montreal Canada and can be reached at

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  1. Paul July 3rd, 2014

    I work as a graphic designer in Australia. Would love to earn what the infographic says I should be earning!

  2. Miguel Salazar December 7th, 2012

    Australia la lleva!!

  3. Shan November 5th, 2012

    I think the position of Hong Kong is wrong.. it should be Hainan, China.
    Hong Kong is just a small point on map ;)

  4. John November 3rd, 2012

    where is Pakistan?

    • duhh June 27th, 2013

      It is west of India and east of Afghanistan.

  5. Stephie Harris October 30th, 2012

    I hope these figures are accurate because it shows that Web Developers are being hired and paid more than Web Designers…still the battle goes on: who’s the better guy between the two?

  6. Jeba October 30th, 2012

    Off to Australia to be a senior web designer

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