Why Most Screenshot Monitoring Software Doesn’t Work

This is a quick post but one that I’ve wanted to write for quite a while.

I’ve been asked on many occasions why Time Doctor is better than any of the other screenshot software products on the market.

Here are some of the things which at first glance can make Time Doctor less appealing than our competitors:

  • We charge double the price of most competitors
  • Time Doctor requires a desktop application to track time
  • We aren’t as “big brotherish” as some of our competitors (some customers want constant screenshot monitoring and a way to install the app without the worker knowing…)
  • Some potential customers consider Time Doctor to be too “big brotherish” because we track statistics that competitors don’t, such as which websites & applications have been used while working.

Although it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s desires, there’s a reason we do things the way we do.
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The Simple Trick to Increase Sales Using Your Welcome Email


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Most of us simply ignore it.

The welcome email.

It’s the email you send to your readers as soon as they sign up for your list or your giveaway.
But most of the time, it’s a wasted contact.

Usually, the welcome email says something like:

Thanks for signing up. Here’s the free report you asked for. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

It’s boring, and essentially useless. And so the welcome email is often the single most ignored part of your marketing effort.

Think about it. As marketers and business owners we spend hours writing guest posts. We spend thousands of dollars on our ads. And let’s not talk about all the time we spend making sure our landing pages are absolutely perfect.

We spend all of our time and money trying to get someone on our list, and when they finally opt in, we usually send some boring email along with a link to their giveaway.
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How Busy Entrepreneurs can Create Great Content on a Budget

Here’s the secret:

In order to succeed at content marketing, you need to create high quality content on a consistent basis.
But for most entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is easier said than done.

Most of us seem to think there are only two options:

Spend hours doing all of the work yourself. But that can be time consuming, even for the best writers among us.

Or, you can outsource your content marketing to an expensive agency or freelancer. Either way, it seems like content marketing just isn’t worth the time, or expense.

In this article, I hope to introduce you to a third solution: A way to outsource some components of your content marketing so that you save both time and money.

Here are the 6 steps busy entrepreneurs can take to create great content on a budget:
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