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How Busy Entrepreneurs can Create Great Content on a Budget

Here’s the secret:

In order to succeed at content marketing, you need to create high quality content on a consistent basis.
But for most entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is easier said than done.

Most of us seem to think there are only two options:

Spend hours doing all of the work yourself. But that can be time consuming, even for the best writers among us.

Or, you can outsource your content marketing to an expensive agency or freelancer. Either way, it seems like content marketing just isn’t worth the time, or expense.

In this article, I hope to introduce you to a third solution: A way to outsource some components of your content marketing so that you save both time and money.

Here are the 6 steps busy entrepreneurs can take to create great content on a budget:
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5 Hacks All Digital Nomads Must Know to Successfully Work on the Road

It’s not as easy as it’s cracked up to be.

Sure you’ve let your imagination run wild and have had your fantasies.

What it would mean to be a digital nomad.

You’ve no doubt imagined the freedom. You’ve no doubt imagined the places you’ll see and the people you’ll meet. And you’ve no doubt imagined how much more rewarding your life would be.

But what you might not imagine is how you’ll actually get work done. You know, the work you’re required to do in order to fund your nomadic life style.

By using these 5 hacks, you too can live a fulfilled and productive life as a digital nomad.

5 hacks for nomads
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How to Become a Skype Ninja

Skype ninja!

Skype is a fantastic tool when used correctly, but if you’re not careful it can derail your productivity worse than an addiction to cat videos on YouTube.

I’ve found that there are two problem areas with Skype:

  1. Inefficient Communication
  2. Unnecessary Distractions

Let’s deal with inefficient communication first.

Part 1 – How to Eliminate Inefficient Skype Communication

Communication is a two-way street; you need to make sure that you communicate efficiently with others, and that they communicate efficiently with you.

Efficient & inefficient communication are easiest to demonstrate with examples, so here are a couple examples:

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