My Experience Using Time Doctor to be a Digital Nomad in Bali

My Experience using Time Doctor to become a Digital Nomad in Bali

One of my “offices” while traveling.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the shade a few meters from the ocean on a small island near Bali in Indonesia.  I’m eating a banana pancake with chocolate syrup, and am wearing nothing but my bathing suit.

Earlier today, I went snorkeling and swam with sea turtles for the first time, along with countless brightly colored fish and beautiful coral.  Off to my left, the sun is just starting to set over the ocean.

What I’m doing, thanks to Time Doctor, is trying out life as a “digital nomad”.  I’ve been in Indonesia for about 5 weeks, and have about 3 left before heading to the Philippines for the first time to meet some of the people I’ve been working with for years, but so far have only met virtually. Find out more

38 Legit Filipino Work From Home Job Sites That Will Not Scam You

You have a job and have been working with a great company for the longest time.

Yay or Nay?

It’s great pay, great people, great environment but what would make it even better is if you could do the same work, with the same compensation or higher while working from home.

Cool right?

The problem with working in an office is that for one, you’re not saving as much because you have to shell out some money for transportation, food, clothing and more because you are working outside of the home.

You have to commute, buy business clothes, spend precious money on food and who knows what else. Not only that, you’d have to endure hours of traffic or the loooooong lines at the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) or LRT (Light Rail Transit) to get to work so chances are, by the time you get to the office, you’re already stressed out!

The good news is, there are a LOT of other work options available. Find out more

Why Most Screenshot Monitoring Software Doesn’t Work

This is a quick post but one that I’ve wanted to write for quite a while.

I’ve been asked on many occasions why Time Doctor is better than any of the other screenshot software products on the market.

Here are some of the things which at first glance can make Time Doctor less appealing than our competitors:

  • We charge double the price of most competitors
  • Time Doctor requires a desktop application to track time
  • We aren’t as “big brotherish” as some of our competitors (some customers want constant screenshot monitoring and a way to install the app without the worker knowing…)
  • Some potential customers consider Time Doctor to be too “big brotherish” because we track statistics that competitors don’t, such as which websites & applications have been used while working.

Although it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s desires, there’s a reason we do things the way we do.
Find out more