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Using Time Doctor as an app for Getting Things Done (GTD)

David Allen, Getting Things Done

If you’ve read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done and you’re familiar with his methodology, you might be interested in using Time Doctor as your Getting Things Done app.

If you are not familiar with the book, read it! The techniques he describes for time management are very effective and the book has certainly helped me shape my thinking and improve my productivity.

Organizing your tasks into different lists

A key feature of any app for Getting Things Done, or GTD, is to organize your tasks into different lists.

You can easily do this in Time Doctor by creating folders. This only works in the Time Doctor Tasks version, so you will want to download that version if you are looking for a GTD app.

You can download it on the download page here:
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Paul Blais’ Doubt the Doubts Podcast featuring Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson, Doubt the Doubts Podcast

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Paul Blais (@pdblais), founder & host of the Doubt the Doubts Podcast.

This podcast is one of the top podcast in iTunes and focuses on “Killing The Doubts That Kill The Dreams“.

During the podcast we talked about how achievement driven people must balance out their drive with enjoying the journey. Happiness is tethered to the idea of finding daily joy in what we do. Sometimes life must be focused on the “job” at hand. On another day we must be fully invested with our friend. While in the next moment the focus should be on eating a bowl of ice cream. It is all mixed together. Eliminate the pleasures and intimacy with others, the the achievements become empty.

In the interview Paul drew out of me not only my story, but also some struggles I went through, successes I found, and then he finished the interview drawing out what he calls my “sage wisdom”. I would love for you to hear the story of my journey. Take a listen below and let me know what you think.
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Comparison of Time Tracking Software-as-a-Service

Time and money are two of the essential keys to success for any business. So pretty much 100% of businesses measure where money is spent. In fact if you run a business and do NOT measure where you spend your money you would be considered a fool.

What about time?

It’s not all that common for businesses to track where time is spent. However if you think about it logically, if where your team spend their time is important, shouldn’t you measure it? If your company spends it’s money on unproductive and ineffective activities, it’s likely to fail. What if your team are spending their time on unproductive and ineffective activities? Something to think about.

Here is a spreadsheet of the top SaaS options for tracking where time is spent in an organization.

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Working Across Time Zones – Infographic

Working remotely you have to work across time zones. Without the right tools or the right knowledge, you can’t make it work. That’s why, as a fully remote team working from different countries, we felt so fortunate that @WashULaw provided us with this infographic that serves as a handy reference for working with parties in major cities around the world:

(Click on the image for a larger version)

Working Across Time Zones - Infographic

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List of Time and Attendance Software

Modern time and attendance software now have a number of added features that make it useful beyond just tracking absenteeism and work hours. These type of software can also be used to improve employee productivity, track computer and Internet usage, and track breaks and meeting attendance automatically.

Here’s a list of time and attendance software, including features, pricing, etc.

Also take a look at our software Time Doctor. Although it is primarily focused on productivity improvement we do have a number of time and attendance features.


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