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SVN, Git, Mercurial, and CVS – Comparison of Version Control Software

Comparison of SVN Software

Version control helps large projects from spinning out of control

If your next big business idea is based on software development, involves an elaborate technical concept, or simply requires a large distributed team working on one task, you need to learn two words by heart: Version Control

Version control (also called subversion control, or revision control) helps large projects from spinning out of control by letting individual programmers (or writers, or project managers), each tackle a project from a different angle without getting in each other’s way and without doing damage that can’t be undone. There’s a great visual introduction to version control here if you are completely unfamiliar with the concept.


Which version control is right for your project?

There are a number of solutions out there, and we’ve put together a definitive feature comparison so you can decide the best solution for you. It is a fairly technical topic, so if you don’t have a software background, read our comparison carefully, and consult with your lead technical personnel before you make any final decisions. Find out more

Phenomenal Design Done Dirt Cheap – How to Outsource Graphic Design Jobs

Outsourcing Graphic Design

So you need a logo, or a banner, or maybe even something as simple as letterhead or a business card? You need it cheap, and you need it done well. One of the single most frustrating things about running a small business or early-stage startup is knowing how important it is to have effective visuals yet also how little there is to spend on it.

Maybe you’ve tried coming up with something yourself. Maybe you’ve called in a favor from a friend who has an old version of Photoshop or hired a student you found on Craigslist. There are plenty of places you can turn to when your budget is limited and your need is great, and we’ve seen them all. Most of them turn out to be dead ends that waste time and money. If you want great design, at great prices, you can now outsource most design jobs, meaning that the graphic design process is now faster, more affordable, and more reliable than ever…

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7 Places to get publicity for your internet startup

If you’ve ever been involved in an internet startup business, you will know it can be hard to attract media attention; if there’s not a high profile name involved, or you don’t have an instantly-recognizable-billion-dollar-idea, it’s easy to end up feeling invisible.

To complicate things further, you’ll generally only get a few chances at nailing your pitch. No one is going to touch a stale story unless you’ve don’t something like break a land speed record, signed up a million customers in a week, or made a funny video of black guy on a horse.

The good news: There are plenty of places that could be interested in your story, once you know where to pitch, and what buttons to push.

Sending a press release to blogs that specialize in interesting startup companies is one way to get your name out there, but often not a good one. Tech-related blogs are a dime a dozen and sending out a press release is often the most ineffective way to get someone to notice your story. Do your research, and find a journalist who might be interested in your story and contact them on Linked-in, Twitter, or Facebook.

Let them know what you like their stuff, and sell a short version of your story in just a few sentences. Offer them an exclusive or let them think they’ll be breaking the story first. You’ll have a much higher success rate if you can personalize your story. You can help them write the story and the angle once they take the bait.
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The 7 best places to get funding for startups

Startup Funding

Whether all you have is an idea or you’re actively into the early stages of your company’s development, you’ve probably anticipated the need for startup or venture capital. Money makes things happen.

The good news is the days of meeting with investors one after another – hoping one will bite – are over. You shouldn’t do away with good-old-fashioned-face-time entirely, but there are now ways to make sure that your pitches will be heard by informed and interested investors, in all types of markets. In some cases, the high pressure face-to-face meeting isn’t necessary, and/or takes place after investors have had time to find out about who you are and what you do.

There are so many places to get funding for startups that it actually can make your search more difficult. You can literally spend hours looking through search results without hitting the truly great opportunities. We’ve done the due diligence to put together this list of sites, contests, and programs that can get your early-stage startup the attention and capital it needs to get out of the garage, make money and leave your fingerprints on the world. Find out more

15 essential tips for outsourcing decision making

If you’re a business owner or manager and are considering outsourcing of any type, you’re probably aware of the huge risks that can be involved. If you’re not – you should be: placing the future of your business into the hands of strangers can quickly go pear-shaped.

While hiring staff that you may never meet face to face, might seem like a gamble, there has never been a better time to try to leverage online outsourcing, especially once you know how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls involved.

So what specific steps can you take to ensure things run smoothly?
We’ve drawn up a list of the best practices to help you avoid outsourcing mistakes; these 15 best practices will hopefully save you time and energy and shield your business from the sort of mistakes that could bring your efforts undone.
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