How Busy Entrepreneurs can Create Great Content on a Budget

Here’s the secret:

In order to succeed at content marketing, you need to create high quality content on a consistent basis.
But for most entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is easier said than done.

Most of us seem to think there are only two options:

Spend hours doing all of the work yourself. But that can be time consuming, even for the best writers among us.

Or, you can outsource your content marketing to an expensive agency or freelancer. Either way, it seems like content marketing just isn’t worth the time, or expense.

In this article, I hope to introduce you to a third solution: A way to outsource some components of your content marketing so that you save both time and money.

Here are the 6 steps busy entrepreneurs can take to create great content on a budget:
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How to Successfully Outsource Software Development on a Budget

It’s scary, isn’t it?

Hiring a software developer.

They’re expensive. And it’s hard to separate those who are good vs. those who can talk a good game.
But let’s face it.

If you’re looking to incorporate an app into your service offering, or streamline your operations, then you’ll need to hire a developer.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s going to be entirely painless. It’s going to require some trial and error.

However, I’ve laid out seven steps in this article that will help you successfully outsource software development on a budget.

Search Your Network

Finding a developer is scary. Most of us looking to hire developers don’t have a background in software or engineering, which makes finding someone “good” difficult.

Most of us don’t know the difference between scalable code and gobbledygook. So finding someone you trust is imperative.

That’s why you want to start with your personal network.
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7 Productivity Tips for the Home Based Entrepreneur

Home based entrepreneur

Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before:

A friend says: “It must be so nice to work from home, I wish I could do that!”

I usually chuckle and think to myself “if you only knew.”

Sure, working from home has clear advantages:

You don’t have to deal with the stress of a morning commute.

If you have kids, then you can make sure they are safely on board the bus.

You have the freedom to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do if you had to head to an office every day.

But that’s not to say that working from home isn’t without it’s disadvantages to. Most notably, it’s easy to get caught in a routine that is not overly productive. If you’re feeling tired, the couch is right next to you.

Another danger that I experience is that if I’m not careful, I’ll go days without leaving the house, affecting both my mood and my productivity.

After working from home for a few years, I’ve developed some tips and tricks to help me become a more productive entrepreneur.
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