Slack vs. Skype: Which Team Chat App Did We Choose?

TLDR version:

Skype’s main advantages are its price (free for all features), its notification system (Slack’s is buggy & lacking features), and its audio & video & screen-sharing capabilities. Slack’s main advantages are its integrations, its search capabilities, and its rich messaging.

In our company of over 50 remote employees, communication is critical. For years we’ve been using Skype as one of our primary methods of communication. In the past when we tested out alternatives to Skype (like Hipchat & Sococo), Skype always won.

In part because of Slack’s astronomical growth (launched August 2013, now with over 750,000 daily active users and a recent $2.8 billion valuation), we decided we needed to give it a shot ourselves. Find out more

A Deeper Understanding Of Time Doctor’s Demographics

A Deeper Understanding Of Time Doctor's Demographics

Do you outsource any functions of your business?

Do you hire a remote team to help you offload some of the tasks that make your business run?

Are you looking to scale your business beyond the walls of your current office without adding additional real estate overhead?

Here at Time Doctor, we’ve become obsessed with discovering who our customers are. Find out more