5 Steps to Creating a 2,000 Word Blog Post without Writing a Word

5 Steps to Creating a 2,000 Word Blog Post without Writing a Word

You’ve heard the benefits of blogging.

I’m sure of it.

But just in case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you:

This Hubspot marketing report suggests that companies that blog attract 67% more leads than companies that do not.

I don’t know about you, but any marketing activity that can get you 67% more leads is worth looking into.

The Problem with Blogging…

is that it is extremely easy to set one up. But a blog is extremely difficult to maintain.

In a matter of hours, a company could install WordPress, have a designer customize a theme, and be up and running.

Congratulations! You have a blog.

You immediately begin your first post. A few hours later, you hit publish. And wait for the leads to roll in.

One thing you should probably know about your blog post: yours is just one of 2 million that will be published that day.

Sobering, isn’t it?

What people don’t tell you about a blog is that not only do you need one, you need to blog consistently for several months, and you need to make sure your posts stand above the noise of a very busy internet. Find out more

Can a Business Work and Grow Without Bosses?

Can a Business Work and Grow without Bosses?

Two years ago, we decided to remove bosses in our tech startup (no more managers) and started working only 4-day a week. Each one of us work from home also in different countries (Argentina, México, Colombia, Chile and Brazil) through Latin America.

With all these new habits, we grow our revenue by 204% with 34 employees.

We believe in our heart that with all the existing technology, we all deserve a new way of living: more efficient work should be done (less emails and meetings), and more time should be spent with the ones that we love! (wife / husband and kids).

As the creator of Google, Larry Page, said on several occasions:

A programmer shouldn’t be supervised by a person with limited technical knowledge.

Based on our own experience as engineers working for big international companies such as Intel or IBM, we can say that it was that same thought which caused the daily discontent and disconnection that we felt with our project leaders (bosses.)

For the same reason, when we had the chance of starting our own company 8 years ago, we decided to effectively create an enterprise without bosses in which each of the members of our team was a programmer engineer.

For this to be successful, there were 3 principles that we implemented from the beginning and 2 that we learned from the experience of working with this new methodology of 36 developers in our team efficiently working and growing day after day. Find out more

6 Ways to Get People to Fill in Your Survey for as Little as 20 Cents per Respondent

A survey is a great option for collecting information from your target audience. Using this data, you can definitely make some smarter decisions about the future of your company.

What does it take, however, to ensure the active participation of your target in the survey without being forced to spend a fortune on the process? The answer is hidden in several web-based tools that give you a chance to carry out targeted surveys without breaking the bank.

So, are you about to get started with survey generation?

Here’s a list of six survey tools that give you effectiveness and a cost that can be as low as 20 cents per respondent.

Google Consumer Surveys

6 Ways to Get People to Fill in Your Survey for as Little as 20 Cents per Respodent Find out more