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  • Simplify outsourcing by creating repeatable business processes that others can implement.

We’ve personally rolled up our sleeves with clients willing to work hard to implement this system and scale their business from $10K per month to 7 figures in just a few short years.

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We Analyzed Over 40,000 Hours of Employee Productivity. Here’s What We Found.

What websites do remote teams use?

We’ve done our research and found some of the “theoretical best tools for managing remote teams. Tools like Asana and Basecamp for project management frequently get mentioned. And apps like Hipchat and Slack are at the forefront of team communication.

But the simple question we asked ourselves is:

What are the tools and sites that remote teams are using in the real world to get work done?

So, we queried our database and found the top 10 most popular websites and top 10 most popular apps that teams throughout the world are using.

And what we’ve found was fascinating. Find out more

How Much are Hidden Currency Exchange Fees Costing You?

Do you know how much money they’re taking?

When you send money to another country, you’re not always sending as much as you think.

Let me show you some of the different fees that are being taken from you as you send money across the globe using services like PayPal.

The cheapest legitimate transfer method on PayPal is “Mass Pay”. This is an easy way to pay several people at once by uploading a CSV spreadsheet of all the payment amounts. The cost is usually 2% to a maximum of $20 for offshore payments.

There are also global payments that PayPal charges for their currency conversion fee which is actually a hidden fee. We have found that this fee comes out to be about 2.5% of the money sent.

And finally, there may be additional fees that banks are charging your employees to withdraw the money from PayPal and transferring it to their personal bank accounts.

But this infographic isn’t just about PayPal.

Almost all services that you use to transfer money to your employees have hidden fees attached to it. We’ve essentially broken down the infographic into two parts. Find out more

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