List of New York Venture Capital Firms

Here’s a list of venture capital firms that are active in New York. Check out individual links for additional information such as industry focus, stages of investment focus, revenue requirements and the level of participation in the businesses they fund. Popular industries that are seeing a lot of investor activity in New York are business services, financial services, retail, industrial, high tech and outsourcing.

If you have others that you’d like to add to the list, let me know in the comment section below.

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Five Split Tests We Did at Time Doctor and What We Learned

We’re constantly running multiple split tests on the Time Doctor website, with the intent of increasing conversion rates. We always have at least one split test of the home page running (usually more than one), and also split test other pages of the signup process, the pricing page, etc.

Here are the results of 5 split tests that we’ve run in that past:

1 – Home Page Style – Normal VS Minimalist

In this test we decided to try running a minimalist version of our home page. Here are the winning & losing versions of the page:

(Click each image to see the larger version)

Notice that Version 2 has a white background, minimal text (including the reduced menu at the bottom), and blue lines around the form and testimonial.

For this split test we had more than two versions of the page running, so that we could track the effect of each the various changes that we made to the page. The two versions you see above are the worst and best converting versions. Version 1 had a 59% conversion rate increase over Version 2, at a 99% confidence level.
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List of Web Analytics Tools

Google Analytics may be the most popular web analytics tool out there but it does not mean that it’s the only option.

When you consider what web analytics tool to use you need to know what sort of data you want to get and maybe how it is going to impact business decisions… exactly how you will use the data in your business.

Below is a list of web analytics software, pricing and key features.

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